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By Steering the Future with Intelligence, FAW Jiefang Fuels Takeoff of China’s Logistics Economy

By Steering the Future with Intelligence

On October 27, 2018, the FAW Jiefang Brand Strategy Release & Unveiling Ceremony for J7 was held as scheduled in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. FAW Jiefang released its all-new brand strategy and new-generation heavy-duty truck—J7. Through the launch and implementation of the new strategy, FAW Jiefang will transform from a commercial vehicle manufacturer to a smart transportation solution provider.


Knockout Product Originated by: A Giant Pusher behind Logistics Economy


China has the world’s largest logistics economy, with 75% of the shipments undertaken by trucks. The rapid development of China’s logistics economy is inseparable from the support of the heavy-duty truck industry.


As a leader of the Chinese commercial vehicle industry, every new product launch of FAW Jiefang is a very influential event in all walks of life. Over the years, FAW Jiefang product sales have ranked first on the Chinese heavy-duty truck market. FAW Jiefang boasts the most extensive network of truck sales and services, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions. In 2018, brand value of FAW Jiefang Brand amounted to RMB 60.7 billion, ranking 60th among the top 500 Chinese companies, and ranking 1st in the Chinese truck industry. FAW Jiefang has become a giant pusher behind China’s logistics economy, which advances by leaps and bounds.


Going Global: FAW Jiefang Takes a New Look to Embark on a New Journey


Every generation of FAW Jiefang products really lives up to the people’s expectations. In the new historical period, FAW Jiefang upholds the vision of emerging as the “most proud commercial vehicle company and the most trustworthy commercial vehicle brand”. Its mission is growing into “China’s No.1 and world-class” smart transportation solution provider, creating wealth for users, bringing happiness for employees, and generating value for the whole society. To this end, FAW Jiefang puts forward a brand philosophy of “establishing trust evidenced by down-to-earth effort, paying equal attention to wisdom and courage, and generating universal benefit for the globe”. FAW Jiefang will continuously put brand philosophy into practice through continuous construction of corporate brand, product brand, service brand, public welfare brand and eco-friendship brand.


In terms of product, J7 indicates a new peak of FAW Jiefang in the field of heavy-duty truck R&D and manufacturing. Thanks to unswerving R&D efforts for seven years, J7 bears witness to significant technological breakthroughs in terms of efficiency, economy, safety, comfort and intelligence. J7 brilliantly exemplifies domestic heavy-duty trucks, keeping abreast of European benchmarks, representing world-class achievements and having the optimal life cycle cost.


Heralding a Bright Future with Intelligence: Evolution from Made in China to Intelligent Manufacturing in China


Looking forward to the future, with a view to satisfying new needs of intelligent logistics, FAW Jiefang releases the proprietary eco-brand Colomb; insists on “smart navigation”; upholds core values of Green, Openness, Innovation and Sharing; centers on a core scenario of intelligent logistics; constantly empowers eco-partners with new ideas, new technologies and new products; injects new vitality into the development of Chinese commercial vehicles; adds energy to the development of Chinese logistics industry; and achieves strategic transformation from a commercial vehicle manufacturer to a smart transportation solutions provider.


In terms of new strategy, new-generation heavy-duty truck products, represented by J7, are no longer merely means of transport, but rather a type of intelligent terminal equipped with information technology. They echo with the Internet of Everything technology; achieve automated, visualized, controllable, intelligent and networked logistics; and take a fast track in the Big Logistics Era.


FAW Jiefang embarks on a new journey leading to smart future. FAW Jiefang strives for independent innovation, makes progress in open style, commits to applying high-end intelligent technologies and products to the automobile industry and logistics ecosystem, and makes greater contributions to the rise of China as a great power and great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.


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