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Wevo Announces New Subsidiary, Makes US Debut

Wevo Announces New Subsidiary

Following the successful expansion to the markets of China and the Asia-Pacific region with subsidiaries in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH announced the foundation of its first US-based subsidiary, WEVO Chemical Corporation. Wevo views the US as an important strategic growth market for the encapsulation of electrical and electronic components, especially in the area of technological innovations for e-mobility. 


“At Wevo, innovation is the heart of our tradition. That has been our guiding principle for decades. We apply sound know-how and new ideas to create solutions for the rapidly developing electrical and electronic market—and we’re excited to bring these solutions to new customers in the American market,” says Peter Barwitzki, Wevo CEO.


With more than two billion components casted, bonded or sealed with its products every year, Wevo is an industry leader in producing tailor-made, resin solutions based on polyurethane, epoxy and silicone for electrical and electronic applications. Of particular relevance to the automotive sector, Wevo products have helped support the charging and battery technologies that have enabled the automotive industry to advance into the e-mobility era.


Wevo participated in its first US trade expo, The Battery Show North America—an international showcase of advanced battery technology—in September in Novi, Michigan. Jochen Frank, Head of R&D at Wevo, shared his perspective: “Our appearance at the Battery Show was a logical step in presenting our expertise around high-voltage batteries, electric motors and power electronics to American prospects. Our cross-industry know-how and broad product portfolio were met with great interest.”


About Wevo

Wevo is an independent, family-owned company based in Germany with an international presence in Europe, Asia, and now the United States. Founded in 1945, Wevo develops and produces resin systems, primarily for use in electrical and electronic applications, and in particular for automotive electronics. Wevo products protect sensitive electronic components against humidity, chemicals, high temperatures, dust and foreign matter, while ensuring safety and efficiency. Over 70 years of experience in material science and product development combined with stringent quality controls give Wevo casting systems a level of quality that is uncompromising for the challenges of today and tomorrow.


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Wed. April 17th, 2024

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