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Faster analysis and electrified motorcycles feature in latest Ricardo Software release

The 2019.2 release of powertrain design and optimization software from Ricardo provides enhancements across the entire suite of products, helping customers deliver cleaner and more efficient products faster to market


In keeping with its strategy of combining upgrades into major releases and ensuring that all customers have the most up-to-date software at the earliest opportunity, the 2019.2 release from Ricardo Software represents the fruits of development work across the entire product range. Key themes of the development work undertaken by Ricardo’s commercial software development team are a focus upon improving the scope, accuracy and speed of simulation, as well as enhancing integration and co-simulation between individual analysis operations and software – using both Ricardo and third-party products. As ever, Ricardo’s software development benefits from the extensive application experience of the company’s in-house engineering and research teams, in sectors ranging from the automotive, off-highway, commercial vehicles and motorcycle industries, to renewable energy and utilities.


Key enhancements in the 2019.2 release include: an order of magnitude increase in solution speed for the ENGDYN engine dynamics simulation package; new state-of-the-art predictive combustion models for performance simulation product WAVE and faster than real-time WAVE-RT; a new solver for VECTIS with combustion engine simulation capabilities including dynamic cut cell method for moving boundaries, new spray and wall film physics and advanced turbulence combustion models; and new modelling capabilities in IGNITE for the development of xEV motorcycles.


The significant speed enhancements – most notably in the latest update to the ENGDYN software – will enable customers to run more simulations, reduce development time and achieve higher levels of design optimization more quickly. And the improvements in detailed analysis – such as that featured in the latest SABR gear, shaft and bearing package – will allow customers to do more in the design phase while also bringing potential reductions in costs.


Further details of the full range of upgrades available in the Ricardo Software 2019.2 release – together with information on product licensing – can be found at


“I am pleased to be able to announce the new 2019.2 release,” commented Felipe Brandao, VP of product management, Ricardo Software. “This latest release will provide our customers with significant enhancements in terms of accuracy and speed, as well as in the fidelity of simulation in representing the key underlying physics of the of the products they are designing, developing and optimizing. As end users as well as software developers, Ricardo engineers are ideally placed to develop this state-of-the-art CAE software, with which our customers can create the cleaner, better performing, and more sustainable products of tomorrow.”


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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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