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Iteris provides commercial vehicle solutions to 23 customers serving more than half of the United States

ClearFleet Provides Enhanced Motor Carrier Screening, and International Registration and Fuel Tax Compliance Service to Transportation Agencies

Iteris Inc, the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, today announced that it has launched a new commercial vehicle operations (CVO) solution, ClearFleet™

The state-of-the-art CVO solution, which is delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, provides carrier screening, international registration, fuel tax compliance and data aggregation services to help transportation agencies and motor carrier service agents move goods more safely and efficiently.

The SaaS solution, which forms part the ClearMobility™ Platform, provides transportation agencies and motor carrier service agents with an aggregated and automated motor carrier screening process, saving them time reviewing multiple different applications, and focusing on the accuracy of data that is shared nationally. Additionally, ClearFleet’s International Registration Plan (IRP) and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) compliance services will help agencies and carriers manage credentials, tax returns, audits and relevant documents, as well as ensure the collection of quality IRP and IFTA data, in a user-friendly interface backed by the best data services on the market.

“I am thrilled to announce Iteris’ launch of the most powerful commercial vehicle operations solution available,” said Ramin Massoumi, senior vice president and general manager, Transportation Systems at Iteris. “With the addition of ClearFleet, customers can now achieve higher efficiencies and data quality to support a significantly greater degree of safety for motor carrier operations.”

Iteris is the largest provider of commercial vehicle solutions in the United States, currently deploying CVO solutions to 23 customers serving more than half of the country.

The ClearMobility Platform is the most complete smart mobility infrastructure management solution available, comprising cloud-enabled software, smart sensors, consulting services and end-to-end solutions delivered as managed services that monitor, visualize and optimize transportation infrastructure for safer, more efficient and more sustainable mobility.

About Iteris, Inc.

Iteris is the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, turning big data into big breakthrough solutions. We collect, aggregate and analyze data on traffic, roads, weather, water, soil and crops to generate precise informatics that lead to safer transportation and smarter farming. Municipalities, government agencies, crop science companies, farmers and agronomists around the world use our solutions to make roads safer and travel more efficient, as well as farmlands more sustainable, healthy and productive. Visit

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Fri. February 23rd, 2024

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