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Doppler expands on-demand, at-home product experiences to auto manufacturers and dealers nationally

Consumers are now in desperate need of shopping experiences that are convenient, personalized and on-demand. The auto industry has been rapidly adapting to this reality from a digital and online perspective. The conundrum? Urban Science tells us 83% of new car shoppers will never buy a car without test driving it.

While you can’t bring the dealership to the consumer, with Doppler you can bring a brand and product experience to the consumer at home and is proven to convert to a sale.  Over the last two years, Doppler Automotive, an AVC Capital company, has been building the platform for today’s needs — driving efficiency and scale for automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers.

Doppler is a proprietary technology platform and highly trained, specialist delivery network that allows OEMs and dealers to offer personalized, on-demand test drives anywhere, at any time. It is flexible enough to be white labeled to allow a brand to leverage their existing channels.

Auto industry executive, retailer and AVC Capital Board Member, Jim Press said, “In order to thrive in today’s marketplace you need solutions that are best for the customer, drives sales for the dealers, and achieve the brand objectives of the OEM – all seamlessly.  I see all that in Doppler.”

Further, Doppler Managing Director Dean Braunstein said, “Doppler was created to harmonize the differing needs of the consumer, the OEM and the dealer. Consumers expect a retail experience tailored to their needs. Dealers are seeing large declines in showroom traffic. OEM’s are challenged with both retention and conquest in an increasingly complex market where omnichannel brand experiences are a key differentiator.”

After two years of development, beta-testing and OEM pilot programs involving over 1,000 Doppler deliveries, Doppler is now available in major markets nationally with a fully scalable solution.

Doppler has been successfully deployed by both mass market and luxury brands at Tier I and Tier III.  In these uncertain times with falling showroom traffic, Doppler gives consumers the experience they want and a compelling reason to visit a dealer to purchase, with a high close rate. Over 80% of consumer participants owned a competing brand and nearly 90% planned to visit a dealer following the Doppler test drive experience. Doppler helps dealers generate traffic and OEMs grow market share.

Doppler is adding markets daily throughout 2020 and will be seeking a Series A investment in Q2.

About Doppler Automotive

Doppler Automotive is a true, customer-first shopping platform available to OEMs and dealers that empowers the customer by delivering anywhere, anytime product experiences with high conversion and close rates. For more information go to: 

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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