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Ai INNOVATION, SINCE 1895 and Altaroad winners of the2020 Grand Prix ACF AutoTech

The Automobile Club de France and ESSEC Automobile Club announce the winners of the 2020 Grand Prix ACF AutoTech  and the winner of the GPACF GreenTech Mention

A first and a success acclaimed by all of the partners, members of the jury and the public: the Grand Prix ACF AutoTech took place on April 2 in a 100% online format, with an identical course to the physical event , in compliance with the confinement rules, in order to be able to complete this competition and reward the 6 deserving finalist startups.

Nearly 1,000 people followed the live show, punctuated with great moments, which remains available trough this link for viewing at any time:

Out of 89 applications and among 6 finalists, 2 startups won, directly, the Grand Prix ACF AutoTech 2020 competition rewarding the most innovative startups in the field:

Grand Prix ACF 2020 : company specialized in Linux operating systems and cybersecurity for automotive dashboards.

Prix Pionnier ACF 2020

Altaroad : collection of heavy goods vehicle flow data to optimize loading and avoid damage to infrastructure.

Mention GPACF GreenTech 2020

For the finalist startup whose product contributes to the needs of the environment

AC Biode : standalone AC batteries and circuits

On April 2, 2020, in front of the many Internet users and the Jury of 16 personalities, they won almost € 200,000 in prize value, find all the prizes on the link:

We thank all of our premium and official partners for their support and trust, in particular AXA, Faurecia, FIDAL, Groupe Renault and Plastic Omnium.

The ACF AutoTech Grand Prix already announces the date of the 2021 edition: April 15, 2021

The call for projects will take place during October 2020.

Grand Prix ACF 2020 – Yann Bodéré, General Manager

« This is for us a strong recognition of the French automotive industry. The car becomes a computer on wheels: by relying on the international community of open source software experts in which we are a recognized player, we are developing a solution so that our customers can offer user experiences equivalent to smartphones, without any dependence on GAFAMs and with a maximum level of cybersecurity throughout the life of the vehicle. This award recognizes the daily work of our team of 30 people loyal to our values ​​of expertise, cooperation and authenticity »


Prix Pionnier ACF 2020 – Cécile VILLETTE, CEO & Co Founder Altaroad

« We are very proud to win this prestigious award! I would like to emphasize the perseverance of the organizers in maintaining the event and thank Béatrice Duboisset for her encouragement. The Prix Pionnier ACF 2020 award already allows us to gain visibility, and provides strong support for our mission to make infrastructures more intelligent, safe and sustainable, by providing validation for their main user: the automobile. »


GPACF GreenTech 2020 – Tadashi KUBO, Co-Founder & CEO, AC Biode

« Probably one of the world’s first finales of “everyone-stay-home” start-up pitch competitions.

It is our great pleasure to have been selected to the Mention GPACF GreenTech Award by the distinguished judges (from home). It was a definitely memorable event for me because I was pitching (from home) at 3 am, local time in Japan. By this great recognition this time, we will speed up our further R&D to commercialize our first standalone AC batteries and circuits. Stay safe everyone. »



Official page :

Three Awards :

  • Grand Prix ACF 2020 – For the startups the most advanced in their development (Series A and +)
  • Prix Pionnier ACF 2020 – For the youngest startups, at the early stages of their development (Seed)
  • Mention GPACF GreenTech 2020 – For the finalist startup with the most eco-friendly product


Partners :

  • Officials : Alexander Partners, Aster, CarStudio, Forum Francophone des Affaires, France AutoTech, Journal de l’Automobile, Maddyness, Meridiam, Mondial de l’Auto, Mov’eo, PFA, VEDECOM

Eligibility :

  • Companies which have registered their activity statutes on January 1st 2010 at the earliest in France or in another country.
  • Shareholding of at least 50% of the capital by one or several of its individual associates.
  • Service or technological development companies which can apply their activities to the automotive product whether in its use, design, manufacturing or commercialisation.



President of the Jury: Louis Desanges: President of Automobile Club de France

Thierry Peugeot: President of ESSEC Automobile Club

Anne Asensio: Vice-President Design, Dassault Systèmes
Elise Bert: Multi-Access Client, Data and Partnership Director, AXA

Patrick Blain: Ex Excomm, Renault-Nissan
Eric Bourdais de Charbonnière: President of Automobile Club de France Endowment Fund

Félicie Burelle: Deputy General Manager, Plastic Omnium

Claire Cano-Houllier: CEO of Hiflow (ex-Expedicar), 2019 Grand Prix ACF

Dominique Davodet: Paris Director, FIDAL

François Dossa: Chief Transformation Officer, Groupe Renault

Béatrice Duboisset: President of Humeaning and founder of Paris TedX Women Champs Elysées

Michael Fernandez: President of France AutoTech
Patrick Koller: Managing Director of FAURECIA

Elisabeth Lecuyer: President of Paris Business Angels
Frédéric Mazzella: President and Founder of  BlaBlaCar

Christian Peugeot: Vice-President of Automobile Club de France


Official page:

The 2020 ACF AutoTech Grand Prix:

  • 25,000€ without counterpart, allotted by the Automobile Club de France
  • Individualized financial advisory provided by Alexander Partners including optimisation of the Business Plan & Private Placement Memorendum for future fund raising
  • The equivalent of a 5,000 € excl tax budget fee awarded by Fidal for legal and fiscal assistance particularly in preparing possible fund-raising.
  • 1 interview of the award winner by Maddyness
  • Identification of a target foreign country and administrative support to help implementation in this country by the Forum Francophone des Affaires
  • Professional assistance on an international level, provided by Faurecia. On a case-by-case basis, it could include: access to local work teams, temporary provision of work premises, and advice on the local specificities of the target country
  • Assistance provided by AXA concerning retirement saving plans for the startup founders or the company and its clients
  • 1 year membership to the non-profit organisation France AutoTech
  • 1 environmental impact assessment carried out by Meridiam, in relation with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • 10 hours of coaching with Béatrice Duboisset
  • Participation to the Mobilité@VEDECOM event awarded by VEDECOM
  • 1 year membership to the competitive hub Mov’eo
  • Grand Prix ACF AutoTech 2021 Jury seat for one of the founders of the award winning startup the year following its victory

The 2020 ACF Pionneer Award :

  • 10,000 € without counterpart, allotted by the Automobile Club de France
  • The equivalent of a 10, 000 € excl tax budget fee awarded by Fidal for legal and fiscal assistance particularly in preparing possible fund-raising.
  • 1 year membership to the non-profit organisation France AutoTech
  • Individualized counselling provided by the venture capital fund Aster, including 5h of counselling to optimize a business plan, in preparation for possible fund raising.
  • 1 half-day/month with an expert during 3 months & Participation to the event Mobilité@VEDECOM awarded by VEDECOM
  • 1 year membership to the competitive hub Mov’eo

The 2020 GreenTech GPACF Mention

  • Opening of the CrowdFunding platform, Aster Crowd, for the startup as well as complete management of the relation with the subscribing investors
  • The equivalent of a 5,000 € excl tax budget fee awarded by Fidal for legal and fiscal assistance particularly in preparing possible fund-raising.
  • Participation to a VEDECOM training session or access to the test drive tracks
  • 1 year membership to the competitive hub Mov’eo
  • Personalized advice on innovation support systems (regional, national and European) by the competitive hub Mov’eo

For the 6 finalists:

  • Counselling provided by the consulting firm Humeaning to prepare the speech they will deliver during the grand final of April 2nd 2020 with Beatrice Duboisset
  • 1 invitation to a special evening reception to meet investors organised by CarStudio for its accelerator

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