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BISTel Announces Collaboration with NXP Semiconductors to Supply Manufacturing AI Solutions for Continuous Improvement

BISTel, the world leader in engineering equipment systems and AI applications for semiconductor smart manufacturing, announced a global, enterprise-wide collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, a world leader in semiconductor solutions spanning automotive, IoT and industrial sectors. Under this new multi-year, multi-fab collaboration, BISTel will deploy its award-winning manufacturing AI solutions, including Dynamic Fault Detection (DFD), chamber matching, eDatalzyer and the GrandViewR predictive analytics in all front-end NXP fabs in the United States and Europe.


For more than 20 years, BISTel’s broad range of continuous improvement software applications have helped manufacturers improve the performance of their equipment and production processes, resulting in increased engineering productivity, reductions in system downtime, and an improvement in yield.

This new agreement includes DFD fault detection, and eDatalyzerR, an innovative suite of machine learning based root cause analysis applications that quickly pinpoint and solve yield issues. It also includes BISTel’s new AI powered GrandView APM, an asset performance management system that monitors the health of critical assets, detects anomalies and offers predictive analytics that identifies production problems before they occur.

It even provides a remaining useful life (RUL) prediction of equipment.


“Our customers demand zero defect quality, and BISTel’s suite of applications enables our team to effectively and efficiently identify data signals from our equipment and our products, and move to more predictive verses reactive response,” commented Steve Frezon, Senior Vice President, Front End Operations at NXP. “We are focused on unlocking new insights that will lead to continuous improvement throughout our manufacturing ecosystem.”


“We are delighted to be able to work with a proven leader like NXP,” noted Tom Ho, President, BISTel America. “NXP’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing is demonstrated in the high quality and high performance of their products, especially as it relates to their leadership in the automotive market where quality is critical,” added Ho.


“I am delighted at the high level of collaboration with NXP’s manufacturing team,” said W.K. Choi, CEO, BISTel. “We value this relationship deeply and look forward to helping achieve even greater efficiencies across each of the fabs in the USA and Europe and indeed across the entire semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem.”


About BISTel


BISTel is a leading provider of equipment engineering systems (EES) and AI based solutions for smart manufacturing. BISTel’s intelligent manufacturing solutions collect and manage data, monitor the health of equipment, optimize process flows, analyze large data, quickly identify root cause failures to mitigate risk, predict issues before they occur and extend the life of equipment through industry leading predictive analytics. BISTel helps customers reduce downtime, improve yield, increase equipment utilization and achieve significant production and engineering efficiencies across the factory. Founded in 2000, BISTel has more than 395 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in South Korea, with offices in California, China, Singapore and Texas. BISTel’s domain expertise in global manufacturing, includes, flat panel, industrial, oil and gas, PCB/SMT, and semiconductor manufacturing as well as automotive, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. For more information visit


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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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