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Richard Meyer Joins Cogniac’s Leadership Team as VP, Operations and Programs

Cogniac is happy to announce that Richard Meyer has joined the company as Vice President, Operations and Programs. Richard brings with him extensive experience in product development, operations, and strategy across a diverse range of industries. He will leverage his industry knowledge and proven leadership skills to advance Cogniac’s continued growth.


Richard joins Cogniac at a critical moment in the company’s upward trajectory. With its recent successful funding of $10 million, Cogniac intends to bring on new employees and customer partners and to bolster marketing efforts. His focus will be building and refining operations and program capabilities and processes needed to rapidly scale the business to better meet customer needs. Richard will be at the helm of advancing Cogniac’s capabilities to improve solution development and customer delivery in AI-based solutions for automating visual inspections and tasks.


Most impressive on Richard’s resume is his history of leadership roles in a wide breadth of industries relating to complex technologies and engineering. He was the Chief Operating Officer at Kairos Power before joining Cogniac. Before that, he was the Vice President, Engineering at L3 Technologies, Power Paragon, and a Director with PwC’s PRTM Management Consulting, Product and Service Innovation Practice. He also held management, engineering, and operations positions at Ford Motor Company and served as a nuclear submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. He continues to serve as a Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserve.


“Richard is an incredible addition to our leadership,” says Cogniac’s CEO, Chuck Myers. “We’re at an interesting moment as a company with the potential for exponential growth in the years to come. Richard’s leadership and experience in engineering and technology across industries will bring a necessary perspective to streamline operations and propel us forward toward success.”


Richard likewise reciprocates excitement to join the team: “I am incredibly excited to be joining Cogniac. It has a superior AI technology and a phenomenal team with an exceptional track record of delivering new solutions for the marketplace. I am looking forward to building out the operations and programs team to leverage Cogniac’s past accomplishments, to accelerate our growth, and to increase our customer satisfaction.” Richard’s appointment demonstrates Cogniac’s ongoing commitment to building a world-class team and establishing more robust capabilities at scale in the months and years to come.


About Cogniac

Cogniac is on a mission to improve industrial and manufacturing industries by automating visual inspection tasks. Cogniac’s system combines the latest AI research, human-computer interaction tools, and large-scale data management to make computer vision easier, more accurate, and scalable, enabling customers of all sizes to extract information from ever-increasing image data and video streams.


Using modern advances in deep learning and hyperparameter optimization, Cogniac’s software can achieve better-than-human accuracy and continuously improve inspection workflows with very little technical knowledge from your subject matter experts.


If an item or condition of interest is visible in the media provided — even if it requires professional expertise — Cogniac’s system can automatically inspect images and video to classify, detect, count, and measure with a high degree of reliability in real-time.


To learn more about Cogniac, visit


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Sun. July 14th, 2024

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