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US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Awards Hughes Tool Company Inc. Patent for Revolutionary Invention That Eliminates Battery Challenges and Limitations for Electric Vehicles (EV)

-Hughes Tool Company Inc, announced that Anthony Macaluso, Founder, Chairman and CEO, has been awarded patent number 10,787,089, “Methods and Apparatus for Powering a Vehicle” from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This granted Patent and the twenty Independent Claims, with an additional thirty-seven patents pending both domestically and internationally, creates a very powerful Intellectual Patent Portfolio.

With this patent, the Hughes Power Generation Platform eliminates all of the range and recharging concerns that have slowed consumer adoption. Furthermore, it solves problems for commercial vehicles, especially for long haul trucking (“The EV Semi”) and fleets. The more you drive, the more useable and storable energy you create.

“It is quite incredulous to me that many Electric Vehicle (EV) related companies have gone public directly, either through a reverse merger or through a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), led by some of the largest investment bankers like Goldman, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and others. In almost every instance, these same ‘still on the drawing board companies’ project that they may have an early-stage product available — from the OEM manufacturing of an EV to enhanced battery capabilities. These companies are all projecting their first product in 3-4 years from now, and all are commanding valuations in excess of $20 billion (USD). Hughes Tool Company Inc. has a patent protected product available today that will transform the industry by increasing range by 400 percent to over 1000 percent,” said Macaluso.

He continued, “After five years in stealth mode, and after being told too many times to count that this is impossible, our solution has been tested and is ready to truly change the approach to creating and providing power. And we have other patent pending related solutions that will transform other industries beyond the EV space. My goal is to leave the world a better place and provide a truly greedless solution.”

Macaluso concluded with a respectful nod to Tesla, “If the wonderful Tesla engineers who I respect and are trying to make the world a better place under Mr. Musk’s vision and direction invented at the same rate as me over the last 12 years or so, they would have over 2.5 million patents versus the approximately 1500* published.”

The patented Hughes Power Generation Platform is a fully independent, scalable attachment that creates energy, stores the newly created energy, and provides it back to the OEM battery field on demand or automated. Tests have shown an increase in range of 400 to over 1000 percent based on driver behavior and conditions.

*Analysis compiled from public records and USPTO.

About Hughes Tool Company

Hughes Tool Company, based in San Diego, CA, and founded by Anthony Macaluso, pays homage to Howard Hughes and his contributions to society through his groundbreaking inventions and perseverance. This legacy continues – the company is dedicated to solving climate and environmental related challenges with revolutionary technology innovation including bending the laws of physics.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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