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ADAC Automotive and L2L Win Prestigious Award for Operational Excellence from National Association of Manufacturers

ADAC Automotive, the leading Tier 1 supplier of vehicle access products, received the 2021 Operational Excellence award from the Manufacturing Leadership Council at the annual Awards Gala on May 19 . The award also recognized L2L, a digital reliability and production platform provider, as a Technology Partner for ADAC Automotive. The 2021 summit and awards gala recognize and honor excellence in manufacturing and industry leadership in global manufacturing.

ADAC was recognized for its deployment of L2L’s reliability and production system at ADAC’s manufacturing sites across North America. The ADAC – L2L deployment focused on providing real-time data to improve the maintenance and reliability process, which then expanded to utilizing L2L to execute 50+ key processes across the plant floor.

“We are honored to accept the Operational Excellence award from the National Association of Manufacturers,” said Jorge Martell, Vice President of Operations for ADAC Automotive.”Winning the Operational Excellence award means a lot to our team, it is a recognition of the hard work put forth towards advancement of our manufacturing strategic initiatives and continuous improvement pursuit. Partnering with L2L was the right decision as we continue to increase efficiencies throughout our facilities.”

ADAC’s operational excellence, particularly in the use of L2L’s reliability and production platform, has achieved remarkable results. By integrating 287 assembly assets and 58 molding machines, ADAC now has a standard real-time process across their facilities for monitoring downtime events on over 200 production lines, and a digital process for notification, escalation, and resolution of issues that occur.

Improvements include:

26% reduction in number of preventive maintenance work orders 367% improvement in on-time percentage for preventive maintenance 62% reduction in major downtime events

“ADAC is a fantastic example of using a smart and practical approach to digital transformation,” said John Davagian, CEO of L2L. “As an innovative company, ADAC is leading the way for other manufacturers looking to achieve greater performance and agility through use of modern technologies. We are extremely proud of what ADAC has accomplished with L2L and we congratulate them for earning this prestigious award.”

About ADAC Automotive
ADAC Automotive is a privately-held, family-owned, tier-one automotive supplier that manufactures exterior and interior door handles with integrated electronics, exterior trim and exterior mirrors for the global automotive market. ADAC was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1975. ADAC employs 1,200 associates in nine facilities throughout Michigan. Its five manufacturing locations have a footprint of over 600,000 square feet. ADAC’s partnership with WITTE Automotive GmbH of Germany and STRATTEC Security Corporation of Wisconsin in Vehicle Access Systems Technology, or VAST Automotive Group, provides a footprint in Europe, Asia, India, and Brazil. ADAC has two facilities in Mexico through a joint venture named ADAC STRATTEC de Mexico, or ASdM. Collectively, VAST and ASdM have 12,000 employees globally and generate $1.6 billion in sales.
For more information on ADAC Automotive, visit

About L2L
Founded in 2010, L2L provides a Digital Reliability and Production Platform for innovative manufacturers who are looking for ways to digitize their operation and maximize performance.
L2L’s platform is the only software that provides the visibility, priority and structure enabling employees to solve factory floor problems in real-time. For more information, visit

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