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Another Industry First: Spark Connected and gapcharge Partner on 100w+ Wireless Charging for Industrial Logistics and Electric Mobility Markets

Spark Connected, ( a global leader in developing advanced and innovative wireless power technology and system level solutions, announces a partnership with gapcharge, innovators of integrated smart wireless charging solutions.

The 100W Ogre solution is part of Spark Connected’s portfolio of high-power industrial wireless charging solutions, which includes the recently announced 300W Yeti solution. This turnkey B2B system is designed for a broad range of Industry 4.0 applications such as factory autonomous mobile robots, logistic fleet management, electric mobility, and automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). The technology ensures a safe and simple user charging experience ideally suited for gapcharge’s electro mobile logistics, light vehicle, and scooter performance systems.

According to Ruwanga Dassanayake, Chief Operating Officer at Spark Connected, “Spark Connected, together with gapcharge, is spearheading and building the autonomous future of power. Automated factories along with smart fleet management and e-mobility can now easily adopt Spark Connected’s safe, efficient, and proven industrial grade wireless power solutions.”

“Industrial applications will transition to wireless power in the coming years and we are excited and looking forward to the partnership,” said Gregor Schmid, CEO at gapcharge. “Spark Connected has great domain expertise and technology in wireless power, which we want to transfer and be a pioneer in the field of logistics. Spark Connected and gapcharge have the same goal: a wireless future.”

Highlights of Spark Connected’s solution include:

  • 100W charging without exotic thermal management
  • Industry’s highest efficiency at 95%
  • System includes both receiver and transmitter
  • Built-in safety features, ensuring a safe and simple user charging experience
  • Supports future products and standards with a software upgrade
  • Products can be hermetically sealed and still allow charging / power delivery
  • Infineon XMC™ wireless power Microcontroller

About Spark:

Spark Connected | powering the world, wirelessly

Spark connected is a global leader specializing in multiple advanced and safe wireless power technologies that benefits a wide variety of applications in the Automotive, Industrial, Infrastructure, Medical, Robotics, Security, Factory Automation, IOT, Smart Home, and Consumer markets.

Spark is transforming wireless power delivery and intelligent battery charging with innovative platforms, disruptive technology and breakthrough products enabling an enhanced user experience for all. The company specializes in Product Development and Engineering Solutions with a team of passionate innovators with decades combined deep domain expertise.

Spark Connected is a Full Member of the Wireless Power Consortium.

For more information visit:

About gapcharge:

gapcharge was founded in 2020 as a spin-off of the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany. The idea of the young company is to combine wireless charging with a smart fleet management system for logistic fleets like e-scooters or e-pallet trucks.

The system of gapcharge makes logistics more efficient and can save costs during the whole life cycle. The high level of data transparency extends the lifetime of batteries and optimizes charging cycles regarding the usage profile and operating times.

The start-up won many awards including the prestigious Digital Logistics Award 2020. For more information about gapcharge visit:

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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