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Buehler Presents Etching and Microstructure Analysis of Light Alloys: Aluminum and Magnesium

Buehler is offering a new webinar that will focus on metallography and
etching for light alloys which are prevalent in the automotive and aerospace
manufacturing industries. Metallography & Etching of Light Alloys, an
educational webinar presentation in English on Wednesday, October 27, 2021
at 12:00pm CDT. This presentation will include the metallographic challenges
of aluminum and magnesium alloys.

With the advent of the electric vehicle industry, lightweight technologies
are becoming more important. In aerospace, airline, or aviation parts made
with light alloys include airplane wings and fuselages. For the automotive
industry, the strength and the lightweight of the aluminum alloys make them
ideal for lightweight body panels that are thicker and more dent resistant.
Magnesium alloys tend to have a high strength-to-weight ratio, exceptional
machinability, and low cost. As a result, the material also lends itself to
a range of automotive, aerospace, industrial, electronic, and biomedical

Etching enhances the contrast on surfaces to reveals the microstructure of
material samples. Metallurgists in heat treat facilities, manufacturing, and
research analyze light metals through etching to reveal microstructural
details. This webinar in the 2021 Etching and Microstructure series and will
provide the foundation for understanding etching processes in metallography
of Light Alloys

George Vander Voort, renowned physical metallurgist and an exclusive
consultant to Buehler will deliver this webinar. He served as Buehler’s
Director of Research and Technology for over a decade and has over 50 years
of experience as a worldwide leading expert in microstructural analysis,
interpretation, and measurement.

The “Light Alloys” webinar will cover the core principles of etching for
aluminum and magnesium alloy microstructural analysis in a metallographic
setting and including:

*       Review fundamental principles of preparation of these light alloys
*       Share recommended preparation routes
*       Advise on common preparation problems
*       Provide recommendations on etch selection
*       Demonstrate microstructures typical of this material group
*       Highlight common problems in processing and analysis
*       Discuss key techniques to ensure success
*       Live Questions and Answers session

This webinar is ideal for metallurgists, metallographers, and metallurgical
technicians, engineers, quality control, and laboratory personnel in any
metallography facility preparing light alloys. It will also benefit those
working in adjacent fields such as mechanical testing, failure analysis, and
engineering – where metallography is not necessarily an everyday need, but
an understanding of what it is and how it can be used to characterize
materials and properties.

Registration is complimentary and a replay will also be available. Attendees
will receive a Certificate of Participation after the Webinar. To register
for Buehler’s monthly complimentary webinars visit the webinar registration
page. If the Webinar interests you, but the date does not suit you, simply
register to receive the recording shortly after the event.

For additional information on Buehler’s products for material analysis or
hardness testing, please visit Buehler celebrates
85 years in 2021 and maintains an extensive network of laboratory, sales,
distributors, and service teams that are available to meet virtually or
in-person with customers worldwide. To reach one of the Buehler experts
click here.

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