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Handle with Care: ZARGES unveils universal battery box

A key component in everything from electric cars to power tools, lithium-ion batteries represents a lightweight, long-life solution for the provision of portable power. However, due to their combustible nature, lithium-ion batteries are also considered dangerous goods, and are thus subject to stringent legislation on the safe transportation of such materials.

To help businesses ensure legal compliance and guarantee the safe transportation of lithium-ion power packs, ZARGES, a specialist provider of hazardous goods packaging, has launched its Battery Safe Universal case. Durable and stringently safety tested, ZARGES’s latest solution is certified for the storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries, in accordance with UN 3480 and UN 3481 regulations.

The Battery Safe Universal can be used at any stage of the battery lifecycle, from transportation of brand-new batteries, to recycling or disposal. Critically, the solution’s accordance with P 911 and SV 376 ADR guidelines means it can also be used when the battery is damaged or detective – a point when lithium-ion units are at their most volatile.

The Battery Safe Universal’s safety credentials are further strengthened via the rigorous testing regimen it is subjected to during the manufacturing process, passing rated energies over 1,000 Wh – all while remaining flexible and user-friendly thanks to its convenient size.

Neil Harper, sales manager at ZARGES UK, said: “As the number of electric vehicles on UK roads increases, so too does our need for a safe and reliable means of transporting lithium-ion batteries. As such, we are incredibly excited to officially unveil ZARGES’s Battery Safe Universal case. We have worked hard to ensure that the solution meets all of the necessary guidelines in place for the safe transportation of batteries and are proud to confirm that our product is approved to the highest level, making it the ideal product of choice for manufacturers.”

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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