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Introducing world’s first global safety, telematics and FNOL platform that is hardware-free, by Sfara

Sfara’s mobile-based Sphere of Safety for drivers and pedestrians has expanded globally, with the support of Bosch Service Solutions, now offering services in 42 countries and 10 languages.

This expansion has created the opportunity for organizations to offer safety and post-collision services to their employees, customers or members in situations never before imagined: A salesperson driving from Bulgaria to Albania is hit by a truck in Greece. Sfara’s mobile technology detects the crash on the salesperson’s smartphone—even without additional hardware in the car—and contacts our emergency centers at Bosch. As the salesperson is being calmed by an emergency coordinator who speaks the same language, local emergency services are sent to assist.

Sfara’s services benefit organizations by reducing risk, damage and downtime, while increasing good driving behaviors and positive brand images.

After a collision, organizations also get First-Notice-of-Loss that is truly first. This first notice offers significant economic opportunities with collision response and repair, plus personal services that build relationships.

“We are the only enterprise-class, global platform that doesn’t require extra hardware and its associated logistics, including installations and aftermarket or battery-powered tags or dongles that require Bluetooth connections, thereby increasing activations,” said Rocco Tricarico, CMO of Sfara. “In this sense, Sfara is the only truly elegant, global solution available today.”

Compatible with over four billion smartphones in the market today, Sfara’s safety services are available as a standalone app or as an SDK to integrate into any brand’s app, such as was recently done by Mercedes-Benz and Mentor by eDriving.

Sfara built its platform to be an enterprise-class solution containing many industry-first features that solve real-world problems inherent in telematics, but not addressed by other solutions on the market. These include:

*       On-device, AI processing for the ultimate in privacy, speed, and data consistency.
*       Multi-Region cloud/data platform aligns with GDPR and other regulatory and local data standards.
*       Data anonymization methods and the ability to protect data by region.
*       Over-the-air updates configurable by region, country, fleets, feature sets and others.
*       Easy expansion to additional countries
*       End-to-end platform (SDK, plus cloud backend and call center) with a typical implementation into an existing app in eight weeks.
*       No Bluetooth connections or additional hardware (known to limit adoption and recurring utilization).
*       Reference designs and professional services to speed integration.

Designed in collaboration with global Fortune 500 partners, Sfara’s platform is ideal for any organization that is concerned with the safety of its people, operates fleets, or is involved in post-collision services, including automotive OEMs, insurance, mobility, and delivery companies.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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