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UK consumers are warming to electric vehicles, a shift which is driven in part by environmental concerns.
That is according to OC&C Strategy Consultants’ Global Automotive Disruption Speedometer, released,
The key findings from the data are as follows:

  • 57% of UK drivers are considering a fully electric vehicle for their next car purchase, up from 31% in 2019, and the highest figure in the West (45% in Germany and the U.S.)
  • The UK lags behind China in terms of the speed of adoption. In that country 85% would consider a fully EV for their next buy.
  • 29% cited concerns about the environment as a reason they would consider electric vehicles – which will be accelerated by strict regulatory regimes and emissions targets across Europe, such as those announced today
  • 46% of consumers are put off by the price of EVs

Felicity Latcham, Associate Partner at OC&C, who authored the report, comments: “This change in demand for EVs is being driven by consumers’ improved perception of range and infrastructure. We’ve also observed heightened concerns about the environment and individuals more focused on their own carbon footprint and sustainability – this is a key contributor to the huge increase in those considering EVs compared to 2019.

“For the UK to make real progress here and catch up with China in terms of EV adoption, we need EVs to have a similar price to the cars we currently own. Only then will we see mass EV adoption that everyone wants.”

The report is available here <> in full.


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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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