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IoTecha Introduces White-Label Level 2 Chargers and Components to Accelerate New Generation EV Infrastructure

IoTecha has launched its Electric Vehicle (EV) charging technology as fully-integrated, ready-to-deploy level 2 customizable chargers and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) components to accelerate development of charging infrastructure supported by OCPP and ISO 15118 standards for smart charging, Plug and Charge and bi-directional power transfer.

The charging technology provides unmatched flexibility to auto industry OEMs, Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and fleet operators for deployment of tailor-made EV charging solutions for their residential, commercial or fleet customers while reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership of the charging infrastructure.

“IoTecha innovations remove the barriers that impede Transportation Electrification,” said IoTecha CEO Oleg Logvinov. “Our EV charging platforms reduce development time and costs without restricting customers’ ability to custom-tailor an interoperable system and provide drivers Plug and Charge and Smart Charging experiences.”

IoTecha’s ready-to-deploy level 2 chargers use the same Combined Charging System on Module (CCSoM) that has been tested and deployed by leading players in the EV charging industry. The UL-certified white-label AC charger (full assembly or inner module) provides the fastest charging power for a level 2 EVSE with 19.2kW at 80A. The chargers offer versatile deployment options, indoors or outdoors, as free-standing pedestals or wall mounted units while customers have full control over design, color and branding, from the charge point case to the dashboard experience for drivers.

The chargers support ISO 15118 and OCPP 1.6+ network communication standards allowing interoperability between EVs, EVSEs and CPOs regardless of vehicle brand. Networking enables chargers to communicate with vehicles, mobility providers, or energy management systems, for infinite integrations of personalized and value-added services for drivers, site hosts and CPOs.

In addition, IoTecha chargers and components provide turnkey access to Techa’s Intelligent Power Platform (IoT.ON™) cloud-based tool that enables CPOs and site hosts to significantly reduce total cost of ownership of their charging infrastructure. IoT,ON™ advanced device management services help reduce equipment and network maintenance costs and IoT.ON™ energy management services, including support for Vehicle Grid Integration (VGI), optimize the usage and cost of electricity..

IoTecha’s charging technology was featured as part of the 5th annual CharIN North America Conference and Testival held today at Lucid Motors in Newark, CA. The November 16-18, 2021 event was an opportunity for live testing demonstrations that showcased IoTecha chargers’ abilities to deliver fast charging and smart grid integration.

About IoTecha
IoTecha aims to accelerate the electric vehicle revolution by providing an integrated platform consisting of software, hardware and cloud components for the smart charging infrastructure and integration of electric vehicles of all kinds with the power grid. IoTecha’s customers include energy and power companies, charge point operators, and manufacturers of both Electric Vehicles and EV charging stations. IoTecha products include IoT.ON™ Cloud-based services, V2G and HomePlug Protocol Analyzer, and Combined Charging System on Module custom modules. For more information, please visit

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