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Numina Group Introduces Victory Voice™ Next Generation Voice Solution at Modex 2022

Numina Group, a leading independent systems integrator, announces the release of Victory Voice, its advanced solution for creating the fully voice-enabled automated warehouse, optimizing pick, pack, and ship operations. It is the true definition of multi-modal voice, guiding workers with voice, product location, and visual images on the operators’ wearable computer color graphical display. It is a key work performance accelerator for warehouse picking and order fulfillment process improvements.

Victory Voice helps companies achieve greater customer satisfaction levels by increasing fulfillment accuracy and speed while reducing labor. By equipping warehouse workers with Victory Voice software and wearable mobile Wi-Fi computers, distribution centers can guide workers in a step-by-step, optimized picking process.

Victory Voice increases warehouse workers’ productivity by 30 to 50% or more and delivers order fulfillment accuracy of 99.9% or higher.

Numina Group is an early innovator in voice picking technology, adopting its use over 12 years ago. “We continually strive to develop solutions to optimize order fulfillment and material handling operations, and Victory Voice dramatically advances the versatility of voice technology in the warehouse,” explains Dan Hanrahan.

“Numina’s pick by voice technology can have an ROI of as little as nine months, stated Matt Cameron, Senior Solutions Engineer for Numina. “It enables our customers to manage people and warehouse order fulfillment procedures in a paperless process, which reduces wasted time and increases worker productivity and accuracy while reducing the cost to fulfill a customer order.”

Victory Voice outperforms traditional industry voice systems by 10-15% due to its superior multi-modal voice recognition technology, built upon a Deep Learning Neural Networks AI recognizer that delivers best-in-class natural language recognition. Its performance is superior to today’s legacy voice systems and can even outperform Alexa, Google, and Siri’s voice recognition capabilities.

Victory Voice can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, as a standalone application or with Numina’s RDS WCS-WCS warehouse automation platform. In either use-case, Victory Voice enables faster, more accurate warehouse operations, lowers labor requirements, reduces costs, and increases productivity and profitability.

About the Numina Group
The Numina Group is a warehouse automation systems integration firm focused on defining leaner, and more productive processes, managed with leading edge warehouse automation software and technologies. Its RDS™ software platform is a modular Warehouse Control and Execution System (WCS-WES) with a pre-developed suite of order fulfillment pick, pack, and ship automation modules, including Pick by Voice, Pick to Light, and pre-developed APIs for integrating G2P and AMR based picking solutions to lower labor costs, and optimize distribution operations.

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