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Saelig Unveils Patented Pulsiv OSMIUM Power Electronics Technology to Minimize Energy Waste

Saelig Co. Inc. has announced Pulsiv OSMIUM, a novel patented power
electronics technology for efficiently converting AC to DC that involves
charging/discharging a small storage capacitor without the need for a PFC
inductor. The OSMIUM microcontroller family and supporting components can be
combined with commodity flyback DC-DC converters to displace higher-cost LLC
solutions, achieving an unrivalled efficiency profile. For instance, a
universal input, single switch 150W flyback power supply using the Pulsiv
OSMIUM design delivers 97.5% average (99.5% peak) front-end efficiency while
maintaining 90% at just 2W. Pulsiv OSMIUM microcontrollers do not directly
determine output power and so they can be used as a platform for any
application requiring 1W up to 10kW by adjusting only three system
components and connecting a suitable DC/DC converter.

Critical components in a Pulsiv OSMIUM circuit operate at low temperatures
to extend their expected operating life, even under convection cooling. By
regulating the flow of line current through a charging capacitor, Pulsiv
OSMIUM also completely eliminates hazardous inrush current, so manufacturers
of industrial power supplies and LED lighting products can simplify their
designs and reduce the cost of system installation. And the technology
supports Active Bridge Control, Configurable Hold-Up, X-Cap Discharge, HVDC
Output Selection, a Power Consumption Indicator and Grid Failure Detection.
These optional features can be selected as required to meet the needs of
different end-use applications.

The PSV-AD-250-DS Development System can be used by designers to evaluate
Pulsiv OSMIUM technology; connecting a suitable DC-DC converter will produce
a complete power supply prototype. Full reference designs are available to
showcase what efficiencies are possible when a Pulsiv OSMIUM microprocessor
design is combined with a carefully selected DC-DC converter.

Pulsiv OSMIUM power electronics technology can be used to improve overall
system efficiency, reduce and optimize BOM cost, and contribute towards
reducing global energy consumption. The Pulsiv OSMIUM design delivers high
power factor, consistently high efficiency, in an ultra-compact system
topology.  Made in the UK by Pulsiv, OSMIUM microprocessors are available
now from their technical distributor Saelig Co. Inc. For detailed
specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please
contact Saelig at 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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