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Stefanini Cyber Defense Partners Globally with Shield-IoT to Secure any Connected Device at Mass-Scale

Stefanini Cyber Defense, a Stefanini Group company specializing in advanced Intelligence and Cyber Defense solutions, announces a global partnership with Israeli-based Shield-IoT, a leading cyber security software solution provider for the Internet of Things (IoT). Leveraging Shield-IoT’s Coreset-AI Asset Management and Threat Prevention Platform, Stefanini now serves multiple cybersecurity domains, including IoT and Industrial IoT, in a single place.

With over 27 billion devices expected to be connected by 2025, and driven by the growing maturity of technologies such as 5G, AI and the cloud, enterprises will increasingly rely on their connected devices to enable sustainable automated services and fuel business growth. As IoT networks mature, so does the need for security. With an estimated 57% of IoT devices vulnerable to medium-high severity attacks, security leaders are forced to look for ways to protect their organization and IoT infrastructure.

“To expand our offering and meet growing customer needs, we are always looking for new portfolio products developed by partners who are market leaders in the relevant cybersecurity domain. The global partnership with Shield-IoT strengthens this movement and enriches the services of Stefanini Cyber Defense,” emphasizes Leidivino Natal, CEO of Stefanini Cyber Defense.
“Hackers can easily hack out-of-perimeter and exposed-in-the-field devices via physical tampering or remote hacking. If compromised, this can lead to data theft and fraud, ransomware attacks, enterprise hacking attacks, service downtime, and even total disruption of the entire critical infrastructure,” says Udi Solomon, CEO, and Co-Founder at Shield-IoT.

The Shield-IoT AI Threat Prevention network security solution analyzes device-to-cloud traffic statistics to detect the first signs of unknown cyber-attacks and operational events, to prevent any impact to customer networks, data, or IoT services. Its network-wide Asset Management solution combined with real-time actionable alerts provide users with immediate security and operational visibility, enabling automatic threat prevention to ensure continuous service operation. Built to protect any out-of-perimeter IoT device or application at unlimited scale, the agentless SaaS platform requires no device or network changes, and has no impact on existing network performance.

Leveraging the new offering, Stefanini’s customers across multiple IoT/IIoT verticals ranging from energy, water, gas, and oil retailers, to airlines, mining and transportation are now able to seamlessly protect any connected device or application across any network.

“As IoT networks continue to grow and as new threats emerge, customers require a single cost-effective solution that can automatically adapt to meet their needs,” says Leidivino Natal. “Stefanini and Shield-IoT provide a single centralized ‘future-proof’ solution to protect any existing or future IoT device, application, or network with minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers.”

The new service is available worldwide and delivered by professionals trained through the partnership with Stefanini Cyber Defense, operating in 41 countries. Currently, the company has four Security Operation Centers (SOCs): Brazil, Peru, Romania, and India.


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Sun. April 14th, 2024

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