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10 Ways Manufacturers Have Made New Cars Safer

10 Ways Manufacturers Have Made New Cars Safer

From automotive privacy to redefining what it’s like to drive, the modern car is completely different from what you were used to growing up. But while many people can be resistant to change, making cars better, more comfortable, and safer can only be a good thing. 


So, what are manufacturers prioritizing to ensure their new vehicle ticks all the boxes and stands out from the crowd? It doesn’t matter what type of car you’re looking for. You can find something that suits you and your family as long as they possess some of–if not all–these features. 

On-Board Cameras 

Drivers already know the benefits of a dash cam and how it can protect them after a collision or prevent silly mistakes while on the road. However, modern vehicles improve the dash cam system by implementing onboard cameras that provide all the same benefits and more to make driving a much safer and enjoyable experience. Whether you are trying to reverse out of a tight spot or navigating a tricky street and trying to avoid hitting anyone, these onboard systems can put you at ease behind the wheel. 


Your brakes are some of the most crucial features of your car, especially during bad weather or even extreme conditions during winter. While even modern brake systems won’t guarantee you stop in time every time, they will go a long way towards preventing skidding and other issues when driving in the rain or over icy surfaces. This can reduce collisions and other accidents, but you should still exercise caution in tricky conditions to further reduce the risk of anything going wrong. New drivers can also gain experience driving on bad roads by practicing in cars with better brake systems. 

Lane Change Alerts 

Everyone is guilty of casually changing lanes. Especially when they have gotten into the zone and they are confident there are no vehicles around them. However, blind spots can still cause problems and you could veer into upcoming vehicles if you do not thoroughly check your mirrors and windows. A lane change alert will reduce collisions and will sound if you change lanes without indicating or the vehicle senses a car close by. The noise is annoying by design, so you should train yourself to activate your blinkers to stop hearing it so frequently. 

Impact Reduction 

Modern vehicles are much less likely to crumple compared to older cars. This has to do with the materials and the shape of the car. While previous cars might flatten in a collision, which could severely injure you and your passengers, a modern car is more likely to retain its shape. Of course, this often depends on the speed at which you collide with another car or obstacles, yet the majority of drivers can slow down enough before the collision to soften the blow and prevent significant damage and danger. 


Although you grew up being reminded not to use gadgets while driving (which is still true) modern cars offer a safer and more convenient way to make the most of onboard gadgets while remaining safe. Although there is some variation with the onboard system, you can generally expect the same features in one place, such as changing the radio channel, switching the input to Bluetooth, or even increasing (or decreasing) the temperature. Since all of these features are in one place, it makes it easier to adjust the settings on your car while driving without demanding you take your eyes off the road for too long.  

Multiple Route Options 

You can use Google Maps or similar apps to get from A to B, but fiddling with the settings to adjust your route can be dangerous. Instead, some modern vehicles include multiple route options that you can adjust at will. This feature is ideal if you encounter a delay, such as traffic, or need to change your route to go to the store or pick someone up. The real-time route updates mean you rarely need to stop and change your direction manually. Instead, you are presented with a list of route options for you to decide on when you begin your journey or feel you need to change your approach. 


Vehicle Cybersecurity 

Many people do not consider cybersecurity when they input their email addresses and other information into their car. However, anything that can be hacked will be hacked. Therefore, it’s worth understanding the importance of an effective DLP solution that keeps your information safe. While cars may not be as advanced as your computer or smartphone technology, you can still feel peace of mind by ensuring you are fully protected from potential threats and breaches. 

Automatic Headlight Adjustment 

Automatic headlight adjustment offers a range of benefits both for you and oncoming drivers. your high beams should never impede other drivers on the road, especially when coming directly at them. On the other hand, you need your lights to be bright enough to see where you’re going. Modern cars find the optimal balance and will adjust your headlights depending on the conditions so you can focus on driving.

Smartphone Safety Features

Many people still use their smartphones while driving, but vehicles have taken steps to avoid this. They offer Bluetooth connections that eliminate the need to use your phone directly and have worked with phone software companies to create Car Mode features that make the screen minimalist and eliminate distractions.


Although many gas vehicles are still on the road, the increase in electric cars (and government mandates encouraging more for the future) has led to better air quality by reducing emissions. You may not have noticed it, but you are no longer exposed to as many car emissions as you were, which can only benefit your health and make driving for extended periods much safer. 

Behind the Wheel 

Feeling safe behind the wheel is paramount for all drives. It doesn’t matter if you’re running errands, going on a family road trip, or driving across the country to deliver goods for work. These safety improvements make a significant difference and can increase confidence to ensure you can feel more secure and maintain good health while driving.

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Fri. May 17th, 2024

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