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Henry Ford was a visionary leader ahead of his time. For one, he enabled nearly everyone to have the ability to afford an automobile, we believe at Automotive Industries (Ai) that every company supplying the industry should have the ability to share their story on the cover of Ai, thereby having the opportunity for their story, their technology & their service to get noticed & go viral amongst millions of automotive industry professionals worldwide, to this end we offer all Ai’s advertising clients the opportunity for an Ai cover story – Qualcomm Cover DPS

Ai Online – Social Media Impressions


Automotive Industries Magazine Postal List 48,825 Datacard

Automotive Industries Magazine Email List 24,444 Datacard

Many Readers Have Multiple Buying Influence For More Than One Vehicle System

AI’s Promise – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Ai we believe that each story can be broadcast in multiple formats to suit the readers preferences, whether it be print, digital and SoMe FB, TW & LI

  • Automotive Industries Platinum Sponsor* – includes Ai Cover Story, Augmented Reality Experience & 30 Minutes TV, Full page color bleed – 1 x rate $18000 per issue (£16000 • €18000) includes website banners twelve months and 3.2m SoMe FB, TW & LI
  • Automotive Industries (Ai) TV – 30 minutes broadcast
  • Automotive Industries Gold Sponsor – includes Ai Cover Story, Augmented Reality, Full page color bleed – 1 x rate $12000 per issue (£10000 • €12000) includes website banners three month sand 1.6m SoMe FB, TW & LI
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Ai AR Partner Site
  • Automotive Industries Silver Sponsor – includes Ai Cover Story,  Full page color bleed – 1 x rate $9000 per issue (£8000 • €9000) includes website banners three months and 720k SoMe FB, TW & LI
  • Ai Cover Story Example
  • Zen and the art of car design
  • Automotive Industries Basic Sponsor – Unlimited PR – Annual rate $1800 (£1500 • €1800) includes 12 months unlimited press releases online and 360k SoMe FB, TW & LI

NEW! Automotive Industries Exhibition & Conference Services

  1. Automotive Industries partner Illimitik offers a complete, simple, risk-free and automatic concept for reserving a dedicated conference seat reserved for remote delegates Automotive Industries ILLIMITIK Presentation 
  2. Automotive Industries Advanced Radio Mapping – measuring human behavior in your physical space, using passive WiFi trackers at events, trade shows, Ai partner arm

Automotive Industries Marketing Opportunity & Cover Publicity Presentation

Automotive Industries Marketing Opportunity & Cover Publicity

Series discounts for regular advertising – Better Cars – Better World

  • 1 year 2 x rate $9000 per issue (£8000 • €8000)
  • 2 year 4 x rate $7500 per issue
  • 3 year 6 x rate $6000 per issue

Website Banners

  • Size: up to 300 x 300 for website banner ads
  • $490 for one month banner advertisement
  • $390 each month for three month banner advertisement
  • $290 each month for six month banner advertisement
  • $190 each month for twelve month banner advertisement

Advertising themes:

  • Awards
  • Purchasing
  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics

Automotive Industries publicity includes Ai Digital Circulation (Monthly Impressions)


Social MediaMonthly Impressions
LinkedIn / Twitter / Google News / Zmags / FB29,365
Google Analytics Banner Impressions171,000
Ai WP Posts Notifications500
Web Banner Impressions180,000
Web Banner Click Thru Rate (CTR)
Sub -Total351,500


Automotive Industry LinkedIn Professionals
Auto OEM Network – World’s Largest Automotive Group337,763
Automobile Industry Professionals India46,597
Automotive Dealers Network36,426
Automotive Digital Marketing21,216
Automotive Engineers52,267
Automotive Fasteners8,130
Automotive Fixed Operations Managers25,927
Automotive Industry Professionals Worldwide311,107
Automotive Industry Professionals  – INT1,694
Automotive Innovation15,530
Automotive IQ14,139
Automotive Management Professionals186,773
Automotive News Europe Professional Community1,947
Automotive News Professional Community85,748
Automotive OEM Professionals77,397
Automotive PRO Network20,196
Automotive Repair Professionals22,189
Automotive Suppliers Network3,391
Automotive Testing16,520
Autonomous Vehicle Technology8,213
Autonomous Vehicles and Platforms2,033
Center for Automotive Research – CAR4,973
Chemical industry – sales and marketing66,164
China Automotive Professional5,985
China Automotive Professional Network 中国汽车行业职业联盟4,986
China Manufacturing & Engineering Professional Network 中国制造、机械行业职业联盟14,683
Connected Car1,188
Consumer Electronics Industry Professionals18,325
Dutch Automotive Industry4,989
Electric and Autonomous Vehicles and Infrastructure; Mobility Services17,568
Electric Vehicle Business & Career Network4,122
eMove360° – Mobility 4.0: Electric – Connected – Autonomous6,200
Fasteners Industry39,062
Global Battery Professionals11,448
Hybrid, Electric, PEV, and PHEV Engineering Professional Group24,768
Mexico Automotive Industry22,704
Russia Automotive7,358
Smart Mobility Hub2,543
Telematics News7,684
Additive Manufacturing (AM) – Rapid Prototyping (RP)19,044
Rubber News9,848
Tire Industry10,481
Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)54,149
Automotive Industry LinkedIn Professionals1,558,367
Automotive Industries email and postal groups 174,855
Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories – 23,497
Motor Vehicles & Passenger Car Bodies – 22,172
Motor Vehicle Supplies & New Parts – 7,490
Metal Stampings – 3,477
Fabricated Metal Products – 4,516
Automobiles & Other Motor Vehicles – 3,139
Top & Body Repair & Paint Shops – 1,797,
Tires & Inner Tubes – 1,717,
Automotive Services-except Repair – 914
Tires & Inner Tubes – 1,717, Rubber & Plastics Hose & Belting – 753,
Vehicular Lighting Equipment – 323, Electronic Components – 897
Postal Lists (Includes phone where available)
Motor Vehicles & Passenger Car Bodies 41,487
Motor Vehicle Parts & Accessories 40,155
Electronic Components 25,868
Ai Social Media29,365
Ai Website351,208
Automotive Industry LinkedIn Professionals1,558,367
Automotive Industries – Monthly Impressions1,938,940
Plus Automotive Industries email and postal groups174,855
Automotive Industries – Digital, Email + Postal2,113,795
Digital Media – In Progress
Google My Business


Automotive Industries B2B Media Challenges Click Presentation

Automotive Industries Vertical Opportunity & Challenges (1)


Automotive Industries Sales: How we work with the industry

1. Research

2. We study your news and your needs to share it, with your Customers, Partners and Suppliers

3. We contact you to discuss, whether your preference is email, LinkedIn or Telephone

4. We present our publicity proposal for your Company and invite feedback so we may tailor Ai’s publicity package to suit you best – Ai’s Promise

5.  We will ask for your business, on a regular basis, to make sure we can release your news at the right time, to the right audience

6. We will listen to your recommendations & objections, so we can overcome any hurdles to make Ai’s publicity a 100% fit for you

7. We will ask you what we can do to continuously improve Ai’s publicity package for your company

8. We will recommend multiple issues so the industry can see your publicity on a regular basis

9. We will deliver Quality

10. We will repeat all the above steps, with the goal of working with your company for sharing your news on an annual basis

Automotive Industries Offer: Offer Examples

Our initial contact with you will be by telephone, email or a meeting at a trade show, our correspondence will follow, example

Example 1

POSTED – Pls see link to your release, would you like an Automotive Industries front cover* opportunity, can you discuss by call or email with Daniel Molodetski, associate publisher, Automotive Industries (Ai) Tel: +1 313 879 0887

LINK – LeddarTech Leads the Charge in Solid-State LiDAR for Autonomous Driving

*Would you like an Ai Cover Interview with Charles Boulanger, Chief Executive Officer, LeddarTech Inc to discuss LeddarTech’s exciting new developments in Solid-State Lidar

*Ai cover publicity includes 200 print copies plus Automotive Industries LinkedIn Ai Front Cover posts to a number of the following groups (1,679,800 members): Automotive Industry Professionals Worldwide 299,547 • Auto OEM Network – World’s Largest Automotive Group 293,568 • Automotive OEM Professionals 66,026


Example 2

2. POSTED – Pls see link to your release, would MIRA Technology Park like a sponsored Automotive Industries front cover* discuss/email with Mira Einstein, associate publisher, Automotive Industries (Ai) Tel: +1 313 879 0887 to plan and book

LINK: Globally renowned Silicon Valley firm has partnered with MIRA Technology Park to create UK’s first Mobility Innovation Hub

*Would you like an Ai Cover Interview with Jack Bartlett, Global Strategic Development, MIRA Technology Park to discuss the UK’s first Mobility Innovation Hub

Automotive Industries Sales: News Sources, Prospects & New Contacts

We research 100’s of companies around the world offering great new products and services to the automotive industry, some sources are shown here


Automotive Industry Press Releases & Prospects