Issue: Apr 2009

Laser Power Systems, LLC believes it has the technology that can help save the American Auto Industr

by Lenny Case

Cadillac World Thorium Fuel

TECHNOLOGY - 1. This is the replacement technology for the internal combustion engine. 

· 1 gram of thorium is equal to about 7350 gallons of gas! 

· Small, light weight, powerful and emissions free 

· Cheap to build, easy to maintain 

The element Thorium classified as an element in the Actinide series as one of the "Rare Earth Elements" can be located in Group 3, 7th periods of the Periodic Table.
Laser Power System is developing a totally green ZERO EMISSIONS system. A car power by a Thorium fueled MaxFelaser driving a closed loop steam turbine /high speed Induction Generator developed for the U.S. Air Force. The combination of the MaxFeLaser and induction generator technology provides a compact, efficient system for stable and safe operation, the package is small enough to go under the hood of any car. 

It's uncanny that Cadillac division of GM had the same concept for a car but lacked the real world technology to build it. The LPS / WTF car is meant to last for a century. The name of the 90th element - thorium - in the title of the design proposal is no coincident.

The World Thorium Concept Car is a not far-fetched, but a real concept that could go into production is less that 2 years for the Auto Company that is will to us it.
Charles Stevens, CEO Laser Power Systems, LLC Surbridge, MA, 01566  508-347-9235 or cell 508-688-2995  

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A Thorium-powered car is certainly an attractive concept. While this was quite a newsworthy item a couple of years ago, has any progress been made since then. The last I heard of was that the generation of power safely using a Thorium Laser is, apparently, quite straightforward but that the technical challenge lies in harnessing that power to drive a suitable turbine. So, has any progress been made towards providing a suitable turbine for the suggested car?

Chris Monahan , United Kingdom

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