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Bright Ideas: Rear Access Door Hinge

2004 Nissan Titan Rear Access Door Hinge

Someone in Nissan design must have been studying their armoire. For 2004, all Titan King Cab models will be equipped with the Wide Open door. Thanks to an innovative hinge, the rear access doors swing open nearly perpendicular to the rear of the vehicle allowing for easy entrance and exit to the back seat.
The two-stage hinge with four axis of rotation opens nearly 180 degrees. Along with providing a new level of ease for entering and exiting the rear seat, the Wide-Open door allows for easy access in crowded parking lots, eliminating the necessity of moving packages or cargo through the traditional “trap” situation where partially opened front and rear doors block entrance to the vehicle.

“The Wide-Open door design is amazing both in its simplicity and in how far it advances the basic utility of an extended cab truck,” says Larry Dominque, chief product specialist, Nissan Titan. “It is really going to make Titan stand out from every other extended cab pickup on the market today.”

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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