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AI Gets Ready For The "Big Game!"

We’ve got a lot to accomplish between now and 2005. That’s when Automotive Industries will celebrate its 110th year of continuous publication, a pretty astounding event. We have been laying the groundwork for that Super Bowl of automotive publishing for the past 16 months.

To help get us to that level, we are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of John Peter as the new editor-in-chief of AI, effective with this issue. Those who know John marvel at his impressive talents in so many areas ranging from the written word to graphics and even to music. His love and knowledge of automobiles are passionate and complete.

Together he and our staff are creating an exciting editorial play book of “gotta read” feature material that our readers will enjoy each and every month. A monthly magazine has to do more than take the peaks off the mountains, it has to get behind them and investigate what’s coming next with unerring analytical interpretation.

Let’s get into some specific areas where we will be adding editorial clout, but all within our traditional scope of emphasis on people, product and process. And let me explain the roles of the players on our team executing the plays. The people that help us reinvent the wheels.

Beginning next month we add an editorial section called DieselTech, which will then appear every other month for the balance of the year.

Diesel technology is still a relative blind spot for NAFTA-based automotive engineers, but from our offices in Europe and Asia we will keep them current with evolutionary developments and technical breakthroughs.

Orchestrating that effort here in North America is Staff Editor, Brent Haight. Our special effort in the diesel area will not diminish our considerable efforts in the hybrid, fuel cell and alternative vehicle segments, it’s more a matter of providing adequate coverage to advanced technology largely untapped in North America.

Following product and supplier technology is the province of everyone on the staff, but Rich Wilson fills that role on a day-in-day out basis — with occasional excursions into vehicle testing and performance reports.

Beginning in the March issue, vehicle interiors specialist Carla Kalogeridis will be joining Automotive Industries to produce feature length articles analyzing trends in fabric and coverings, seating, fit and finish, interior plastics, carpeting and interior accessories. Carla brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience in all of these areas. Beginning with March, her features will also appear on an every other month basis.

We have a new series of in-depth features being planned on developments in Asian markets, cast as a quarterly feature length article executed by our friends at J-Reports, who also provide our short but sweet monthly reports on Asia.

European developments will continue to be covered by our staff writers in Italy and Germany, Roberto Chellini and Jonathan Walker, and from Tony Lewis at Interchange in the U.K.

Gary Witzenburg’s role as editor-atlarge continues to expand. With astute insight into product and technology trends, Gary also provides great perspective on people.

He looks at specific functions like styling and what challenges people are meeting in today’s competitive market — any function from purchasing to public relations.