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100 + 10

America�s oldest automotive magazine celebrates its 110th year with an insightful look at the past 10 years and what the implications will mean for the next 10.

Most of us will remember 1995 as the year that defense attorney Johnny Cochran uttered those famous words, ?if the glove doesn?t fit, you must acquit.? Yes, Americans spent nine months glued to their televisions waiting for the outcome of the most popular trial of the century. 1995 found us mourning the 168 innocent men, women and children who perished in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma City, Okla. Like it or love it, Microsoft and Bill Gates turned Windows 95 loose on the world; President Bill Clinton signed a highway bill that put an end to the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit and a magazine called Automotive Industries celebrated its 100th Anniversary.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years, both in the magazine and the industry. As we celebrate out 110th Anniversary we take a look back at the 10 events that we feel changed the industry in a big way in the last 10 years. As with all lists like these, we?re sure to have left something out. Feel free to let us know. We?d love to have you help celebrate the last 10 years with us.

Executives of the Year

Bernd Pischetsrieder

Thomas T. Stallkamp

 Robert J. Eaton

Nobuhiko Kawamoto

Jac Nasser

Tom Gale

Rick Wagoner

Carlos Ghosn

Dieter Zetsche

Gary Cowger

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    Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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