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Flat Adhesive-Free Automotive Cables

AXOLINE® automotive cables consist of flat copper conductors which save as much as 30% of space and weight compared to round cables. Different conductor widths and thicknesses within a single cable, for example, can be fitted with appropriate connectors to connect a wide variety of automotive equipment, each with different power needs.

Fire retardant thermoplastic insulationAdvertisement
assures performance under Class 1 (80°C) and Class 6 (200° C) temperatures. Cable life is increased since AXOLINE® cables are resistant to humidity because of their adhesive-free nature. Further, AXOLINE Cables pass the saltwater hydrolysis tests required by some car manufacturers.

AXON’s expertise in electromagenetic protection allows it to qualify the EMI performance of its shielded cables. AXOLINE® may be delivered upon request in pre-stripped pieces or cut-to-length for stripping by standard mechanical systems.

For more information, contact: Axon’ Cable Inc.; 1314 Plum Grove Road; Schaumburg, IL 60173/USA. Phone: 847-230-7800. Fax: 847-230-7849. Website:

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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