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Nissan Motor Renovates Paint Coating System at Its Kyushu Plant

Nissan Motor has deployed a new compact water-based paint coating system at its No.1 Kyushu Plant, the company’s main passenger vehicle manufacturing facility.

The automaker invested 6 billion yen ($50.4 mil) to revamp the plant’s paint coating line. The world’s first to eliminate paint hoses attached to the arm of the finish line coating robots, the new system directly fills paint into tanks built into the spray guns.

Use of the spray guns with increased performance helps reduce the number of robots required for a given spray job, resulting in a 15% increase in production efficiency. With no hoses to watch out, the system saves 15% of the paint that was typically wasted on the previous line.

In addition, Nissan plans to spend another 5 billion yen ($42.0 mil) to renovate the line’s primer and intercoat sections by May 2007.

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Sun. May 26th, 2024

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