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IMS Announces Official Sponsorship of MADD Canada

Support to Help Promote Safe Driving Through Education

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc. (IMS), a world leader in telematics solutions, is proud to announce its official sponsorship of MADD Canada. With their support, IMS joins a group of notable official and corporate sponsors dedicated to promoting safe, accountable driving. It’s a principle DriveSync(TM) by IMS, is based on.

The DriveSync(TM) GPS vehicle tracking solution promotes safe driving through education. With turn-by-turn trip logs, route maps color-coded by speeds, and reports that highlight aggressive driving habits, DriveSync(TM) enables parents of young drivers to identify and improve unsafe driving behaviour before it results in a collision. These reports provide parents with a foundation for discussing driver safety, responsibility and accountability with their teen. The promotion and realization of safe, responsible driving is a goal IMS shares with MADD Canada, the country’s premiere anti-impaired driving organization.

“No other organization provides the level of education, public awareness and support of safe and responsible driving as MADD Canada”, says John Reynolds, Vice President of Business Development at IMS. “As a proud official sponsor of MADD Canada, we have the opportunity to champion the message of safe, responsible driving that DriveSync(TM) embodies.”

The partnership between IMS and MADD Canada highlights values the two organizations share: a dedication to the promotion of safe driving, and educating new drivers on the responsibilities of having a driver’s license. IMS looks forward to a long-term partnership with MADD Canada, and continued support of their exemplary mandate.

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Fri. July 19th, 2024

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