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Linux Networx Partners with CEI to Power Two Times the Visualization Power of Legacy Supercomputers

Delivering Fully Tuned and Tightly Integrated Compute and Visualization Systems

Linux Networx has announced a new partnership with Computational Engineering International (CEI), a leader in visualization software, to deliver a family of application-tuned, tightly integrated, compute and visualization systems. These high performance systems will provide a new approach to visualization, offering two times the power of legacy visualization systems at reduced cost. Linux Networx visualization systems will scale from the department level to large visualization centers, enabling users across industry, government and research environments to visualize scientific datasets containing tens of millions, and even billions, of polygons.

“Going forward Linux Networx is our platform of choice for our visualization solutions,” said Kent Misegades, president of CEI, Inc. “Our belief is that their approach represents the first true commitment to deliver integrated, tuned systems for this market, thereby delivering the price/performance, scalability and flexibility required by today’s visualization users.”

“Large data visualization is driving the need for specialized graphics clusters with high performance I/O and scalable parallel software,” said Charles J. Nietubicz, director of the ARL MSRC and director of the High Performance Computing Division in the Computational and Information Sciences Directorate (CISD). “The Linux Networx visualization cluster to be delivered to ARL in Q2 2006 will be used to visualize data resulting from enormous calculations such as computational fluid dynamics, computational chemistry and structural mechanics codes run on their HPC systems.”

“Linux Networx visualization solutions draw upon our industry-leading Linux Supersystems to provide the next generation integrated visualization and compute systems with unparalleled price/performance, scalability and Total Cost of Ownership,” said Robert “Bo” Ewald, CEO of Linux Networx. “CEI is a leader in distributed visualization and rendering, and by partnering together we are driving new levels of value in the visualization market.”

The collaborative efforts of Linux Networx and CEI in the form of design, configuration, testing, validation and ultimate application tuning of Linux Networx visualization systems will provide users with a scalable, integrated compute and visualization system that delivers unrivaled price/performance value. Diverse configurations will be available to meet the specific needs of different classes of users in a variety of markets including: aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, defense, national labs, government, energy and academic research. They will be optimized for use with specific applications and uses including CFD, FEA, impact analysis, and many more. Finally, data storage will be fully integrated with the visualization system, thereby eliminating data transfer tasks and dramatically improving productivity.

Linux Networx visualization systems will also be available with pre-installed evaluation copy of CEI’s EnSight DR. As a result, customers can evaluate the software and discover the value and power of the Linux Networx visualization system. In addition EnSight DR software has been specifically tuned to ensure the optimal utilization of the distributed rendering platform from Linux Networx. By pre-installing and validating the CEI software on each system shipped, Linux Networx will offload the installation and tuning tasks from our users, delivering production visualization on power-up. Linux Networx will also tune CEI’s application development kit for the LS-1 Series of Supersystems, thereby enabling customers with custom visualization code to quickly take advantage of Linux Networx visualization systems.

The first Linux Networx visualization systems will be available in the second quarter of 2006. Linux Networx will develop fully tuned and integrated systems for key applications in Ultimate, Premium and Value performance environments. The full range of application-tuned systems will be introduced throughout 2006.

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