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As 2G and 3G networks retire, commercial telematics will increasingly focus on 4G and 5G cellular connectivity. The next generation of telematics hardware includes telematics gateways, embedded vehicle systems and retrofitted options. Increasingly, these devices will need to offer a blend of high-capacity, low-latency wireless connectivity, varying degrees of edge intelligence to suit the use cases being enabled.


Quectel has a comprehensive range of modules and antennas that address the 4G and 5G requirements of commercial telematics which are detailed in this paper. In addition to these, Quectel supports customers, developers and designers with a comprehensive range of original design manufacturer (ODM), testing and certification services. These help ensure simplified and accelerated routes from concept initiation to global market launch, drawing on Quectel’s extensive experience, large R&D resources and exceptional security credentials proven under extensive penetration testing.


Read Quectel’s free white paper to learn more about:


*            The commercial telematics market

*            Key use cases beyond trucking

*            How we can support the new telematics era

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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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