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Soliant Wins Environmental Award for Automotive Paint Film

Automakers are Pushing Process that Changes the Way We Color Our World

Soliant received the Environmental Award in the “Emerging Technologies” category at GPEC 2006, March 2, in Atlanta, Georgia for their paint film process. Soliant demonstrated a 98% reduction in emissions based on an analysis of the production and use of their product compared to traditional vehicle painting. In addition, Soliant met all GPEC Award Criteria including leadership in plastics and the environment, generating significant economic value, and creating new markets (paint alternatives) that will benefit the environment and the quality of life.

Soliant has a 20-year history as a producer of paint film products for automakers and are now capable of covering all decorated surfaces. Automotive OEMs are showing a greater interest in paint film because they are environmentally sound, any color can be matched and they are cost-effective. They are pushing suppliers to adopt the technology and use it on parts that are thermoformed, injection molded and extruded. Soliant films are used on a variety of thermoplastics — including polypropylene, ABS and polycarbonate.

Over 25 million parts with Soliant paint film are in the field in the past 5 years without issue. Their paint film products are used by all OEMs on numerous vehicle models:

– Honda, through its Tier one supplier, Green Tokai Company, is a large user of Soliant paint films, with applications on injection-molded parts on its Odyssey minivan, Pilot sport utility vehicle and Acura TL.

– Toyota uses Soliant’s paint film on three different exterior trim parts on its Avalon sedan also supplied by Green Tokai Company.

– General Motors is building a supplier network to provide thick-sheet thermoformed parts in high volumes with Soliant paint film products. Durakon Industries, Inc. is producing 250,000 rocker panels in 12 different colors for GM’s Lucerne sedan. GM is also planning to use Soliant films for thermoformed bumper fascias on the Denali sport utility vehicle.

– Guardian Automotive supplies entire color palettes with film on the current Chevrolet HHR and Chrysler Cargo vans.

– Leading European OEMs like Audi, Volvo, Mercedes use Soliant paint films in body colors and contrast color on exterior trim.

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