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In the recent years, semiconductor industry in greater China has experienced rapid developments, and numerous multinational enterprises have entered the Chinese market by many different ways, demonstrating huge market potential in China.

In particular, design, manufacture and testing of packaging are three major sectors in semiconductor industry. Packaging and testing takes the half market of whole Chinese semiconductor industry, and has played an important role in the development of the whole Chinese semiconductor market and technology. With the rapid progress of electronic packaging test technology, information exchange in packaging and testing will no doubt an important factor which influences the development of whole semiconductor industry in both China and the world.

Therefore, China Electronics Packaging Society (CEPS) and IEEE-CPMT, guided by several government agencies and by working with Huazhong University of Science and Technology 、Tsinghua University、Fudan University、China National Committee of the CIE、IMAPS-NA (USA)、JIEP (Japan)、IME(Singapore) 、 Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai and some other institutes decide to hold “7th International Conference on Electronics Packaging Technology (ICEPT’2006)” in Shanghai, China from August 26 to 29 in 2006. It is to strengthen an in-depth communication and cooperation through this conference in the field of packaging design, packaging manufacturing, packaging testing, optolectronic packaging, MEMS packaging, system and assembly, and promotes the progress and the development in semiconductor industry.

ICEPT has been held successfully in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen for six times since 1994. It has become the well-known conference of Chinese Institute of Electronics and is the only official conference in packaging endorsed by Chinese government and professional societies and associations. Each past conference attracted significant participation of engineers, scientists, managers, and government officers in China and abroad, including many domestic and foreign universities, the research institutes, the packaging equipment manufacturers, the packaging material vendors, and the packaging companies. It did make very positive contributions to the packaging technology and business development in China and the world, and it has become the perfect platform for the exchange of advanced packaging technology.

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