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NEC Electronics America Exhibits Semiconductor Solutions for Automotive Applications at Convergence

NEC Electronics America, Inc. reaffirmed its commitment to providing high-quality automotive semiconductor solutions by showcasing a variety of its products in booth #419 at Convergence 2006, running Monday through Wednesday, October 16-18, at Cobo Center in Detroit. Demonstrations and product displays will highlight NEC Electronics America’s innovations for in-vehicle networking; image recognition and processing; tools, modeling and simulation; and other applications including audio, dashboard and safety. As a key player in the automotive semiconductor industry, NEC Electronics America offers products that address the design challenges facing automotive systems designers without compromising performance or power.

Product Demonstrations

In-vehicle Networking

NEC Electronics America will feature several demonstrations that highlight the company’s support of popular automotive networking standards, including a steering and braking demonstration based on FlexRay technology, a body networks demonstration based on Controller Area Network (CAN) and Local Area Interconnect (LIN) technologies and a wireless connectivity demonstration based on Wireless USB technology.

Image Recognition and Processing

The IMAPCAR image processor for automobiles can detect nearby objects such as vehicles, pedestrians and lane markers in real time, enabling automobile manufacturers to easily implement safety mechanisms and collision prevention systems. NEC Electronics will showcase the IMAP technology by demonstrating a car operating without any human interaction.

Tools, Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and simulation are important to the automotive industry because they allow early software development and reduce overall design costs by reducing hardware respins. NEC Electronics America will demonstrate how a designer can use the Matlab/Simulink environment to develop a control algorithm on a computer and link the algorithm to a real car model. NEC Electronics America also will highlight the benefits of SystemC simulation, which can allow a user to analyze the impact of controller selection on overall system performance and cost. The company’s lineup of cost-effective development tools also will be on display.

Other Applications

Additionally, NEC Electronics America will demonstrate several power devices, a dashboard application and an audio application. A static demonstration will show various power devices currently being used in smart junction boxes and power-steering applications, while an interactive demo will show the use of intelligent power devices (IPDs).

A dashboard demo will feature a high-performance microcontroller with a large number of integrated features, while an audio demo will showcase compressed audio handling through compact disk controller chips.

On a worldwide basis, the March 2006 Gartner Dataquest report ranked NEC Electronics Corporation as the number one supplier of 32-bit MCUs. As part of NEC Electronics’ increased focus on automotive worldwide, NEC Electronics America is expanding its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities in Roseville, California, to add a 0.15-micron, eight-inch wafer process in addition to the existing high-quality 0.35- and 0.25-micron, six-inch wafer processes. More information about NEC Electronics America’s products for automotive applications can be found at .

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