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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for the automobile industry

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Germany expands its leadership position as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provider for the automobile industry. Audi AG recently awarded IDENTEC SOLUTIONS a contract to provide its OIS-P RFID System for the production of the Audi TT.

“This contract emphasizes IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ leadership position as a leading provider of complete RFID solutions in the Automobile Industry,” states Gerhard Schedler, CEO & President of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS. “With our proven product portfolio specifically designed for production environments, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS stands at the forefront of the international automobile manufacturing sector as an RFID provider. The growth potential is enormous, as is the savings potential for our customers,” adds Mr. Schedler.

OIS-P for the Audi TT

There are currently 350 Audi TT chassis carriers circulating through production and conveyor stations in Audi’s new auto body factory in Ingolstadt, Germany. Based on information stored on the OIS-P tags, robots at about 80 stations throughout the production process are programmed to process the various options. Then data relating to product quality is documented, and the flow of the chassis carriers throughout the conveyor system can be controlled.

Headquartered in Lustenau, Austria, with the Americas headquarters in Dallas, TX, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ patented Intelligent Long Range (ILR) RFID technology and products are utilized by some of the world’s largest companies to facilitate and better manage critical processes or to aid in the tracking of valuable assets in a completely reliable and secure method. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’ Intelligent Long Range (ILR) active RFID System can identify, locate and track assets at a distance of up to 100 meters (300 feet) to deliver superior supply chain real-time visibility in dynamic, demanding environments. ILR is used to streamline business operations in a variety of areas including Work-in-Progress (WIP), manufacturing, vehicle tracking and container management, delivering substantial value to our customers. Over the past eight years, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has provided asset management solutions and support for a variety of organizations including an impressive roster of Fortune 500 clients such as Volkswagen, Deutsche Post and General Electric. More information is available at .

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Mon. June 24th, 2024

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