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Intelligent Temporary Parking On A Roll – revolutionary patented temporary parking surface

It all starts with the need to park a lot of cars and trucks for a short time. Ideally a buyer is looking for a temporary parking solution that’s clean, dry, safe and secure while saving time, money and the environment. On top of all these goals are the essential needs for durability that stands up to use and easy low-impact removal when it’s no longer needed. If the whole thing can be a single turnkey operation, well, that would be temporary parking heaven.

Developed and internationally patented by Polivka International, a specialty developer and large-scale paving contracting firm with over 50 years of construction experience, TemPark™ is marketed as “Intelligent Parking on a Roll.” The first high-quality, low-cost temporary parking alternative, it rolls over gravel, soil, wood chips, and any other surface.

Saving money. TemPark is up to 80% less expensive than a traditional asphalt lot. It even provides attractive tax benefits including deductions on installation and removal costs for the contract term. In addition, TemPark can be removed and reinstalled at another site, allowing customers to recover up to 50% of the initial low cost. TemPark is guaranteed to cost a minimum of 30% less than leasing an offsite lot. TemPark also allows for a single, consolidated storage space as opposed to many costly sites.

Saving time. Tempark’s experienced crews can install up to 2 acres of TemPark per day—up to 80% less construction time than required by conventional asphalt lots.

Eco-friendly. From an environmental perspective, TemPark delivers effective erosion control and storm water management, optimizing existing drainage flows and re-seeding any ditches, exactly as specified by local code specifications.

The TemPark structure is 100 % permeable. A mesh core, sandwiched and heat-fused between top and bottom geotextile surfaces, allows water to easily pass through the substrate and readily drain into the soil, eliminating runoff problems and any need for retention basins. And while the underlying soil is not denied necessary moisture, it cannot migrate to the surface’s clean top. Less sophisticated temporary solutions—gravel, wood chips, or shredded recycled rubber tires—result in an undesirable surface when excessive rain washes away the temporary surface, leaving a muddy, unstable and potentially damaging muck.

TemPark’s durable construction also withstands tough traffic—including the shear force of turning tires—so the structure’s layers remain intact. Appropriate in any climate—hot and dry to cold and wet and everything in between—TemPark’s installation procedures can be customized to adapt to any location in the world. The product is resistant to tears, soft chemicals, puncture damage and ultraviolet light exposure. It’s also unaffected by hydrocarbons, mildew, rot and the freeze/thaw cycle. After its removal, TemPark leaves the underlying site in ready condition to return to its natural state.

A complete turnkey solution—including installation, maintenance, security services and removal—TemPark provides well-suited parking solutions for the automotive and rail industries as well as ports and airports. It has been recognized as an ideal temporary parking solution for anything from vehicle inventory overflow storage to event-based and seasonal peak parking demands. It enhances the safety and security for employees and customers with top-quality lighting, well-defined parking spaces, and clearly marked travel lanes and traffic control signs.

Transforming an open site to a parking lot optimizes TemPark’s six-step construction process: site selection… engineering… grading… ditching… rolling out TemPark… striping. Turnkey means Polivka International does everything for the customer, then hands him or her the key to the lot. They’ll find a property in your area, do all the engineering work, get all the permits and do a cost analysis. Then, if the customer wishes to continue, TemPark is installed, followed by fencing, gates, security lighting, and numbered parking spaces. Security personnel can also be provided to protect parked vehicles. When the lot has served its purpose TemPark is rolled back up and stored until the customer needs it again, and the lot is returned to its natural state.

Other services offered to automotive companies by TemPark include permanent auto storage parking lot facilities, off-site leases on existing parking lots, consultancy services for auto transfers and storage logistics. The company also manages storage lots, providing security, inspections, binning and transportation.

Automotive Industries spoke with Basil Polivka, president and CEO of Polivka International, the creator of TemPark:

AI: TemPark boasts an impressive list of customers in the automotive, railway, air travel and other industries. What is it about your product these customers find so compelling?

BP: Our Clients are looking for a durable parking solution that provides cost savings, tax advantages and environmental benefits-A quality surface that can be installed and used for as long as needed then removed and reused elsewhere. TemPark fits the bill.

AI: As your customers compare TemPark to cheaper temporary parking options like wood chips, gravel or shredded recycled tires, what is it that ultimately wins them over to your product—is its service life longer and more durable? Is it recyclable? What about snow removal and heavy vehicular turning?

BP: TemPark has a potential service life of ten years depending on the use. The substitute surfaces such as wood chips, gravel and shredded tires all require a high level of maintenance. They also do not provide a clean and durable surface that can be stripped. TemPark can be reused while the other surfaces cannot be reused efficiently. Snow can be removed with a simple attachment to standard snow plow equipment and salting will not harm TemPark.

AI: TemPark promotes itself as a tax advantage. Please explain.

BP: TemPark is not considered a permanent site improvement for taxation purposes. The cost of installation and removal can be immediately deducted over the term of the agreement. Traditional parking surfaces and methods have an indefinite term and are considered permanent site improvements with their cost amortized over fifteen years. This difference can have an immediate and positive impact on our clients bottom-line.

AI: You’ve also promoted TemPark as having a time-saving advantage over more permanent surfaces, such as asphalt and concrete. What’s the spin on permitting? How does that work? Is permitting where the lion’s share of the time-saving benefit is realized?

BP: The Permitting stage is significantly reduced because of the permeability factor of our product. Also, TemPark is rolled onto a prepared substrate which makes installation up to 80% faster than other methods.

AI: Ecologically speaking, TemPark claims to preserve subsoil structure, offer water retention advantages and readily return used land to its previous use. How does that compare with cheaper and/or more permanent options?

BP: Since TemPark is 100% permeable, there is no need for retention ponds. When we install TemPark we work with the existing land topography to minimize land disturbance. TemPark does not contaminate the soils like other parking surfaces can.

For more information about TemPark, the revolutionary patented temporary parking surface, or to order additional product information, visit or call 1-888-TEMPARK.

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Wed. July 17th, 2024

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