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DHL’s new gateway in Merida, Mexico

DHL, the world’s leading global express delivery and logistics company, announced recently the opening of a new gateway in Merida, Mexico to enhance service quality and meet the growing needs of DHL customers shipping across the US-Mexico border.

The recently installed international gateway operation will increase DHL handling capacity by more than 87 percent in the region, enabling the transport of more than 38,000 additional shipments per year. The investment is part of a strategic DHL development plan for Mexico’s Southeastern Region. The strategy will enable DHL to increase its routes and capacity, as well as expand service coverage and provide enhanced customer service.

“The decision to establish the gateway in Merida came after DHL conducted several studies that highlighted the city’s industrial potential and economic importance. This operation will have a significant impact in the entire Mexico Southeastern Region,” said Jesus Rosano, director of Operations Planning, DHL Mexico.

The new Merida Gateway provides both U.S. and businesses based throughout the region (including those located in Cancun, Ciudad del Carmen, Villahermosa, Tuxtla Gutierrez, and Minatitlan), with a new facility for the transshipment of goods across the US-Mexico border. DHL’s Merida gateway has been authorized by the Mexico national customs authority to operate as a customs facility for the consolidation of the area’s imports and exports.

With the establishment of the Merida gateway, DHL will manage the customs clearance process through a local agent from start to finish, which will reduce average international delivery service times into the cities of Merida, Cancun, Ciudad del Carmen and Campeche from two days to one DHL customers will receive specialized service by contracting with the agent of their choice.

Before the Merida gateway, shipments bound to the area from the U.S were processed by Customs in Mexico City. “By having a Merida-based customs agent process shipments, U.S. businesses benefit because DHL can move shipments through customs without intermediate delays,” said Rosano.

Mexico is the second largest importer of U.S. exports and the third country of destination of U.S. imports. As a cross-border service provider, DHL is committed to responding to the demands of globalization, which is an intricate part of the logistics chain that importers and exporters require in this area. Industries that will most directly benefit with the introduction of the new facility include maquilas, jewelry, oil, printing, auto parts, electronic cards, hardware and software.

DHL Express Mexico operates over 34 domestic and international flights daily, and maintains four major ground hubs and three additional international gateways in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monte