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ABS/ASR Integration Product Produced by China Automotive Brake Systems INC. Available on Market

In May 2007, China Automotive Brake Systems INC. (hereafter ”CABS” or ”the Company”) announced that its new product, ABS/ASR (integration of Anti-Spin Regulation and Antilock Braking System) has passed the trial for ABS/ASR products, certifying that the technology meets with international standards. The Company has currently launched its ABS/ASR products in limited quantities on the market. The matching work between ABS/ASR products and several types of automobiles is underway.

ASR is a kind of technical innovation and extension of ABS technology. Existing wheel-speed sensors and pressure regulators used on ABS can also be fixed in automobiles with ABS systems. With the ABS/ASR, automobile owes engine output moment and wheel driving TCS brake pressure regulating functions. ASR and ABS are very similar in algorithms, so most program modes of ABS can be used in ASR to simplify programs and save storage space. Therefore, ABS and ASR can be integrated and their controlling systems can be integrated in one controller, and ABS and ASR are integrated successfully.

Based on the ABS/ASR integrated system, CABS will develop more automotive electronic braking system products, such as EBD (Electronic braking force distribution), DAC (Downhill assist control), ESP (Electronic stability program), HAC (Hill-start assist control), CBC (Cornering brake control), EDR (Event data recorder) etc.

Since its establishment, China Automotive Brake Systems INC. always insists on R&D and manufacturing of automotive braking system products and it is the one of the first batch enterprises obtaining the IP for ABS and the approval of manufacturing ABS product in China. In recent years, CABS has developed various products including ABS, vehicle traveling data recorders, electronic whirlpool reducers, and has been the leader in Chinese automotive braking system sector.

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