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Automotive Industries takes a closer look at the Getrag PowerShift technology.

The Getrag PowerShift makes gear changes happen in 0 seconds, without interruption of tractive power.

Automotive Industries takes a closer look at the Getrag PowerShift technology.

The Getrag corporate group is systems supplier and integration partner for transmission and drivetrain systems.
Delivering an annual volume of more than three million transmissions and a million axles, the group is the largest independent manufacturer of transmissions in the world. Part of Getrag’s product complement is a dual clutch transmission (DCT) that makes for seamless gear shifting. While one gear is engaged, the system has already pre-selected the next. Once the relevant rpm has been reached, one clutch is opened while the second is closed simultaneously, precluding any interruption in tractive force. The intelligent software control means that sportiness and convenience are guaranteed alongside high efficiency.

Zero seconds that excite

The Getrag PowerShift makes gear changes happen in 0 seconds, without interruption of tractive power. But “0 seconds“ does not mean that the driver does not feel anything: the Getrag PowerShift provides significantly more driving comfort, a more dynamic driving experience, and better control over the vehicle and engine power without the mushy, disconnected feel of traditional torque converter automatics.

Getrag PowerShift also offers superior fuel economy: 4-8 percent better fuel consumption compared to a modern torque converter automatic. It is a perfect combination of excellent comfort, fuel efficiency and driving dynamics.

The fuel efficiency benefits of this modern dual clutch transmission are scientifically measured and proven. A vehicle equipped with the Getrag PowerShift uses a minimum of 4-8 percent less fuel than the same vehicle using a modern torque converter automatic. Due to the elimination of torque converter losses and the significant reduction of clutch drag losses, this technology overcomes conventional disadvantages of an automatic. Extreme flexibility, especially with regards to precisely adapted gear ratios that perfectly fit to the engine characteristics, are further advantages of the system– a fact that allows the combustion engine to run in its best operating point.


While traffic density is constantly increasing, even traditional manual transmission markets are requesting more automatic driving. Regarding comfort, the driver is not expecting any compromises – comfort is a basic request and must match with the customers’ demands, besides other features the transmission should provide. The Getrag PowerShift combines the comfort of a conventional torque converter automatic with the driving dynamics of a manual transmission.

In some aspects, Getrag’s dual clutch transmission offers even better performance, especially in parking, merging and stop-and go traffic with a cold engine you feel the superb creep characteristics.
In normal traffic operations you can enjoy the smooth and instantaneous gear shifting without any jerking. Of course, you can also select the gears on your own, if you prefer to.

The Getrag PowerShift technology is available for all powertrain layouts and virtually all torque classes. Transverse, inline or transaxle longitudinal applications for front, rear or all-wheel driven compact cars, large sedans or sports cars are available – there are no blind spots in our portfolio. Each vehicle and each engine has its own characteristics to which our transmissions can be perfectly adapted, thanks to the flexible choice of best possible gear ratios and the virtually unlimited possibilities that the software configuration gives us to configure the vehicles’ drive and shift characteristics. Launch characteristics of conventional torque converter automatics are hardware driven and can only offer compromises in different driving conditions. In comparison, dual clutch technology uses a launch device which offers strategic capabilities through software algorithms to optimally handle all driving conditions.

Driving fun

Despite all of the above-mentioned comfort aspects and advantages, the Getrag PowerShift is still also a “driver’s” transmission. It is a real pleasure to feel the direct response of engine and transmission when you approach a sharp turn, brake hard and accelerate again. The vehicle responds directly and precisely to the slightest pressure on the gas pedal. There is no indifferent jerking and searching for the next gear – you feel the direct response because this transmission bears the genes of our manual transmissions: pure driving pleasure. After all it still offers the fun of driving – in manual or automatic mode – which is a basic request of all customers.


The modern Getrag PowerShift technology also fits perfectly to hybrid power trains. Its superb fuel efficiency and the modularity that allows integration of up one or two electric motors easily makes it the most flexible and efficient base transmission for full or mild hybridization. This makes this new technology even more attractive and environmentally friendly.

Full product range

Getrag is the only provider of dual clutch transmissions that can offer a full product range: East-west, inline, transaxle longitudinal applications for front, rear and all-wheel drive vehicles, covering all torque ranges for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Getrag PowerShift benefits from many years of Getrag’s transmission experience.

Looking forward to this innovation in drivetrain technology, Getrag will present the latest in wet and dry dual clutch technology at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

Formula for success

Getrag says the success and the growth the company has enjoyed over the last few years are founded on the values of Precision, Passion, and Partnership.

“Precision not only cements the good reputation of our transmissions and drivetrain components, but is internalized in our global organization and sets the benchmark for the reliability that our customers have come to expect in every area.

“Passion is what drives each and every one of us to constantly strive for better solutions, push the boundaries of what is feasible and deliver genuine excitement to our customers and partners.

“Partnership stands for the high standards of our relationships with customers, suppliers and associates as well as the cooperation between the individual companies in our organization. For us, partnership means constantly enhancing and maintaining trustful and professional relationships both in what we think and in what we do,” says the company.


The GETRAG Corporate Group’s purchasing department is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services of the company.
In particular, it buys aluminum pressure castings, sintered and electronic parts, bearings, forged parts and assemblies. To safeguard the company’s core processes, it also ensures provision of the appropriate technology and machinery for soft and hard machining, heat treatment, assembly and quality control as well as the necessary services.
“If you see the opportunity for building up a mutually beneficial business relationship, then please contact us,” says Getrag.

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