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China Surpasses Germany in Auto Part Exports to the U.S. – Score One Profits

Acording to a recent article published in June by Network Center of MOFCOM, China has surpassed Germany and become the second largest auto parts exporter to the US for the first time. During the first quarter of 2007, China exported US$1.936 billion of auto parts to the U.S., which surpassed Germany’s US$1.934 billion during the same period, an increase of over 27% for the same period last year. Also, during the first three months of 2007, China exported US$6.123 billion auto parts worldwide, an increase of 32.4% the same period over last year.

“China is moving up from basic goods like textiles, toys and shoes towards higher-value industrial goods that pay better wages and achieve higher operating margins,” claimed Ms. Hoi-ho Kiu, Chairman and CEO of Score One, Inc. “We believe we are in an ideal position to capture the rewards from this higher-value movement. Our country, China, is strongest in electrical and electronic components and in cast metal parts that require lots of manual labor of machining. We further believe soaring output at auto assembly plants in China is generating enormous demand for auto parts and creating the large economies of scale productions which previously are possible only in North America, Europe and Japan.”

With over 100 well-trained and experienced staff, Xian Bohua is an expert in developing and manufacturing antilock brake system (ABS) in China. It supplies its ABS to over 100 vehicle models with an annual capacity exceeding 200,000 pieces.

Score One Inc. is a comprehensive investment service group and the parent company of RC Capital Limited, a Hong Kong based corporation which business includes financial consultation, investment and financial planning, enterprise re-organization, public offering consultation, and direct investment. Currently, Score One is in negotiation with possible corporation with Xian Bohua.

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Tue. July 23rd, 2024

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