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Amerityre Introduces Amerifill(TM) for Tire Fill Market

Lightweight polyurethane material offers significant cost, performance and environmental benefits

Amerityre Corporation a leading developer of polyurethane technologies, today announced that it has developed a product line of high-quality polyurethane foam and elastomer chemicals and delivery systems for use in the commercial tire fill market. The new materials will be marketed under the name Amerifill(TM). Currently, tire fill materials are used in many tire applications, including OTR (off-the-road) construction, industrial and mining applications, to “flat-proof” and extend the life of rubber tires.

Amerifill(TM) is based on MDI polyurethane chemical formulations, which have been shown to be very stable and environmentally safe. Most tire fill materials available today are petroleum-based compounds that have been shown to reduce the useful life of the tire and to pose environmental hazards. Governments in both Europe and the United States have either passed or are considering legislation that will eventually outlaw the use or disposal of these hazardous fill materials.

Amerityre estimates the tire fill market to consume over 250 million pounds of material annually, with significant growth opportunities emerging in developing countries.

According to Dr. Gary Benninger, Amerityre’s President, “Amerityre has shown that Amerifill(TM) performs better under load, runs cooler and is more durable than current comparable materials. We have evaluated Amerifill(TM) in the field and in side-by-side comparison testing conducted by independent test laboratories, and we are confident that we have the solution the marketplace will turn to.”

“In many applications, both the fill weight and cost can be significantly reduced by switching from oil-filled elastomers to Amerifill(TM). A lower- cost fill procedure is important to industrial customers in light of the ongoing shortages of large OTR tires and the customers’ need to keep revenue- generating equipment running. Further, lower weight per volume is a key advantage in the context of high operating costs,” Dr. Benninger added.

Amerifill(TM) is based on Amerityre’s proven, premier “flat-free” closed-cell polyurethane foam technology, which has been in production for over 5 years. Amerifill(TM) materials are compatible with most tire fill equipment in use today.

Amerityre plans to market its Amerifill(TM) products and delivery systems globally through strategic partners and distributors. For more information on Amerityre’s new tire fill materials, call Tim Webb at 1-800-808-1268 ext. 126.

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Mon. July 15th, 2024

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