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Automaker to Offset Carbon Emissions of Projected Consumer Use today announced a new long-term strategic partnership with Volkswagen of America, Inc. to make a significant contribution towards the global challenge of climate change. The first initiative of this partnership, the Volkswagen Carbon Neutral Project, is one of the most ambitious carbon offsetting projects ever undertaken in the United States. From September 1, 2007, until January 2, 2008, every vehicle sold by Volkswagen will have its carbon emissions offset for the first year of ownership. will offset the carbon emissions of each new Volkswagen sold by supporting the land acquisition and reforestation of 1,100 acres of habitat in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Louisiana. The project is designed to meet internationally recognized carbon offset standards and certifications. The offsets will be based on the average annual emissions* for each different type of model sold in the four-month period.

“ and Volkswagen of America share a common goal of fighting climate change and being part of the solution toward a clean energy, low-carbon world,” declared Eric Carlson, executive director of “We are committed to working together to reduce the threat of climate change for our and future generations. This is the first time a car company and its community of owners have mobilized on this scale to offset carbon emissions, and we are proud to be playing an important role in this process.”

This ambitious initiative is only the start of a wide-ranging partnership between and Volkswagen of America that will encourage customers to continue to offset their emissions via a carbon calculator on the Volkswagen of America micro site hosted by This opportunity will be extended to all members of the Volkswagen community and to everyone who is looking to offset their carbon emissions.

For the first time, visitors to the Volkswagen of America website ( will also be given the carbon footprint calculation of their choice of vehicle, in addition to statistics on fuel efficiency, speed, and price, when they use the “Build a VW” feature.

“This project is just the beginning,” explained Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president of Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Volkswagen is committed to finding new alternative fuels, engine and manufacturing solutions to create additional ways for its community of owners to continue to feel good about owning a Volkswagen.”

*For the Volkswagen of America partnership, the average annual emissions for each different type of model will be determined on the basis of the latest available U.S. Government data ( is a leading national non-profit that educates the public about the dangers of climate change and makes it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. promotes affordable carbon reduction strategies and supports renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions. combines education and outreach with affordable high-quality carbon offsets to help drive the price of clean technology below its dirty counterparts. works with more than 200 businesses and organizations to offset their offices, travel, events, shipping and production emissions. For more information, please visit:

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Thu. May 30th, 2024

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