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Automotive Industries spoke to Robert Gao, CEO of High Wing Mold.

The Hong Kong-based High Wing Mold manufactures plastic molds and plastic injecting molding systems. Founded in 2004, the company has its factory in ShenZhen, south China. The company makes molds for a number of industries including the automotive industry. The company prides itself in being able to provide molds for the largest to the smallest parts.

“For mold making, we can make various fields of mold, from car components to household electrical appliance, medical instrument, and industrial product, from small precision part to large heavy part. The largest mold we have made is 2500x1800x1500mm.” says the company.

High Wing Mold specializes in making 2-component injection molds and die-casting molds as well. The company developed its own system and quality benchmarks for its mold making. The company claims that it quality criteria are more stringent than those of most of its customers.

The company provides its clients a full range of services. This includes product design to mold design and mold-making to molding production and assembly. The company says that it offers good prices and short lead times to execute orders. Currently, all of High Wing Mold’s production is exported to customers in Europe, America, Japan and Australia.

“We have many years cooperation with our customers so we well know the mold criteria and quality requirement in these areas. Also we welcome the customers from all over the world. We have a product development department, so we are able to develop and design product for customer from single part to the whole assembly. In most cases we have taken part in development of product, give customer our expertise suggestion on the product structure or construction to avoid potential design weakness or failure. Further, we help customers achieve utmost economy beneficial results,” says the company.

Automotive Industries spoke to Robert Gao, CEO of High Wing Mold.

AI: Please tell us a little about the plastic injection molding your company does for the automotive industry?

As a support for mold manufacture, we also have plastic molding production, which can produce most of the car components. And we have comprehensive knowledge for plastic and well know the process property of most of the plastics, such as ABS, PS,PP, PA, PMMA, PC, TPE, TPU and TPR so on.

We have done some test production for car components and we have the ability to be car components molding supplier, and we plan to apply the TS16949 certification.

AI: What are some of the automotive products your company has helped design and provide molds for?
So far we have only provided the molds for the invisible parts or interior parts, like engine cover, air grille, gasoline tank frame, armrest, handle, air conditioner housing , we can make molds for the visible and key parts as well.

AI: Who are your automotive clients?

FORD, BMW, GM, TOYOTA, NISSAN are our indirect and end clients.

AI: How much of your business comes for the automotive industry?

At the moment around 30% of our business are for automotive industry, and we invested the equipments specially for car mold making and plan to reach 50% in 2008 and reach 80% by 2010.

AI: What are your plans to expand your firm’s business?
We saw the huge market of automotive industry, and we have already moved our main point to the automotive molds, we plan to invest on studying and learning the new and advanced technique at mold making for car components, and plan to become one of the best mold makers for automotive industry in the world within 5 years.

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Mon. April 15th, 2024

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