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Automotive Industries spoke to Franz Blum, Managing Director of VEGA International Car Transport & L

The Salzburg-based transport firm VEGA International Car-Transport and Logistic-Trading Ges.m.b, was one of the first companies to use new concepts in the movement of heavy vehicles. For example, VEGA used low-profile train wagons that are integrated into the roll on/roll off shipping lines.

“Thanks to an excellent driver pool and an experienced logistics team spread throughout its HQ and its 13 branches in Europe, the Middle East and Russia the company today offers fast, reliable and high-quality transport services for vehicles and containers all over the world as well as trucking services with own tractor units and is able to move trucks, tractors, trailers, off-road vehicles, vehicles with special equipment, buses, mini-buses, cars efficiently and cost-effectively,” says the company.

The 35 billion Euro VEGA can transport cars, trucks and other vehicles from any part of the globe. It transports 75,000 commercial vehicles annually. With 400 employees, the company has offices in Ulm, Istanbul, Trieste, Karlsbad, Gent, Bucuresti, Verona, Amman, Gdansk, Moskva, Ankara, Dubai, Zagreb and Salzburg (the company headquarters).

Founded in 1990 by five partners who were experts in different types of transportation and logistics, VEGA was successful from the start because it created new transport solutions. Such as the special bed train wagons. These solutions were in response to the early 90’s trend of larger driver cabins in trucks. As the cabins got bigger, the more difficult the trucks became to transport in regular truck trailers.

“The only alternative was to drive them on wheels, which is usually disliked by the customers. By using the special rail wagons which allow a loading height of full four metres, we were able to offer a new solution, which was appreciated by many of the manufacturers, he says. Vega has invested in this technology and is a shareholder in one of Europes biggest owners of specialised wagons. From these beginnings, Vega has developed more and more combined transport chains including RoRo shipments, he says. Vega can transport single units or fleets of trucks, buses, trailers and cars and around the world. The company will also transport containers to destinations around the globe,” said Franz Blum, managing director of VEGA in an earlier AI interview.

VEGA partners with other members of the European Car Transport Group or ECG to provide a complete service for car and truck transport in Europe and across the world. VEGA prides itself in the fact that each vehicle VEGA moves is insured up to a value of 110 per cent.

”One very important point in the logistic chains is the control of the vehicles condition during all the interchanges. Therefore we developed our VEGA vehicle condition report, which accompanies the vehicle throughout the whole transport chain. We have put all the routines into certain procedures in order to full fill the customers demand for the best available quality management in the transport of his vehicles. The aim is to improve these procedures where and whenever necessary, to be able to higher the level of our quality management for the benefit of our customers,” says Blum.

Automotive Industries spoke to Franz Blum, Managing Director of VEGA International Car Transport & Logistics.

AI: How much of your transport and logistics business is from Europe and how much from the Middle East and Russia?

The CV Factories are still mainly in good old Europe, so most of the biz starts

From here. But new factories have been made in Poland, Turkey and will be built in Russia, so for the future the traffic pattern will change !

AI: What kind of changes have you seen over the past couple of years in the kinds of vehicles that you have been transporting – is the mix of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles the same or different?

The CV vehicles get more voluminous, as the comfort for drivers needs space.
Light CV as well get bigger for more cargo to be loaded !

AI: What do you attribute the growth in your business to?

The market is growing 15% nowadays every year, but due to our well
Established network and our dedication to the highest possible customer
Service, we are growing about 25-30% !

AI: Please tell us a little bit about VEGA’s participation in the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in 2008.

IAA is the best market place for CV and we can have all key contacts with most
of our customers within 5 days time. Therefore it became the place to exchange
views and see the newest devcelopements of the Industry too !

AI: VEGA has moved 125,000 commercial vehicles in a year. How do you see business growing and from where do you see the growth coming from?

Due to the immense investment needed in infrastructure in Eastern Europe, the growth will continue
at least for next decade. We will participate well from this growth as CV s are the

First thing you need is to build up all the missing infrastructure!

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