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Efficient-V, Inc. Can Help with U.S. Automaker Crisis

Technology can be implemented without major retooling

 Efficient-V, Inc. announced recently its technology, called Efficient-V, can help with the “Big Three” automaker crisis. The crisis, affecting the American industrial manufacturing backbone — Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and millions of jobs, could be expediently helped with Efficient-V technology.

Efficient-V President Chris Cook said, “People will buy cars, if you can provide them a vehicle which addresses their fuel economy concerns. Fuel is relatively cheap at the moment, but it will rise again. If you provide a technological advantage that gives consumers a fuel economy benefit and ensures your competitive future, customers will return.” Mr. Cook added, “We have given preference to U.S. companies in our selection of strategic partners. We want Efficient-V technology to create jobs in the U.S. and strengthen our nation first.”

The company, which has been quietly working with a few Strategic Partners outside the automotive sector, said today that Automakers should take a close look at Efficient-V. “The breakthrough technology is beneficial in a variety of reciprocating piston devices, but it would have an immediate and dramatic impact in existing small and medium-sized vehicle platforms,” said Mr. Cook.

Efficient-V will provide an excellent return on investment for our automotive manufacturers. It can use existing manufacturing processes with minimal changes in tooling. Existing “bolt-on” ancillaries such as cylinder heads, intake, exhaust, ignition, and fuel systems can be used with few changes.

Efficient-V uses a breakthrough “short block” design, providing improved mechanical efficiency. The patent-pending technology results in smaller packaging and greater power. Cylinder “V” angle can be varied for packaging considerations. It provides significant fuel economy and power improvements to gas, diesel, biofuel, and hybrid applications.

Friction is reduced by eliminating eccentric forces between the cylinder walls, pistons, and rings, thereby improving durability and emissions service life. Improved kinematics provide dramatically reduced reciprocation stress and improved extraction of combustion energy. The robust design can exploit elevated compression and cylinder pressures for further increases in efficiency and power.

Similar benefits accrue when Efficient-V is implemented in reciprocating pump and compressor applications.

Efficient-V, Inc.’s Technology Transfer Program provides a means for Strategic Partners (OEMs) to access this intellectual property and use it to improve their applications. Efficient-V is currently working with Strategic Partners to commercialize the technology and bring it to market.

Mr. Cook said, “Our country and fundamental independence as a nation have never been in greater peril. We are confident that Efficient-V is one of the key components for the successful revitalization of our industries and our economy, and invite government, industry, and media representatives to learn more by contacting us.”

Efficient-V, Inc. is dedicated to reducing energy and resource consumption by improving the mechanical efficiency of reciprocating piston devices, particularly engines, pumps and compressors. For more information, visit

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Tue. April 16th, 2024

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