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Gentex Mirrors Featured on New VW Passat CC

Gentex, the leading supplier of automatic-dimming rearview mirrors to the worldwide automotive industry, has announced that it is supplying auto-dimming interior and exterior rearview mirrors for the 2009 Volkswagen Passat CC. The CC is Volkswagen’s new upscale sedan with a coupe-like profile. Primary markets for the CC are Europe, North America and Japan.

The 2009 Passat CC features an interior auto-dimming mirror as standard equipment and offers a driver’s-side exterior mirror as part of an optional package. Gentex mirrors darken automatically in response to the headlamp glare of rearward-approaching vehicles.

“This is an exciting vehicle for Volkswagen as it has positioned the Passat CC in the mid-class car segment but equips it with formerly upper mid-class features. The addition of auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors to the first four-door coupe from VW is a great new program for Gentex as the vehicle is sold worldwide in large numbers and exposes our product to thousands of new customers,” said Gentex Senior Vice President Enoch Jen.

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Tue. May 28th, 2024

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