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HyPower Fuel Announces Filing of Hydrogen Processor Patent Improvements

HyPower Fuel is pleased to announce that it incorporated a number of unique improvements into its patent filing of its Modular Electrolysis Device (commonly referred to as the H2 Reactor).

Mr. Douglas Bender, President of HyPower, stated, “In our opinion, the improvements to our previous hydrogen processor patents make the H2 Reactor the most efficient and cost-effective processor in the field. The new patent will be filed in the United States first and additional countries will be added to our patent portfolio as required.”

Mr. Bender went on to state, “I wish to thank our H2 Reactor Development Team for their inventive input in making this patent filing a reality. With these improvements in place, HyPower can now aggressively move forward with its plans to market our hydrogen insertion technology in the transportation industry. Power Systems Research reports that there are over 535 million heavy duty trucks and large passenger buses in use in North America. This provides a substantial market segment which could benefit from the addition of the H2 Reactor. The new H2 Reactor will be moderately priced to ensure that even in the current economic recession, it will provide a relatively fast payback to buyers.”

About the H2 Reactor (H2R)

The H2 Reactor is an electrolyzer that uses a unique process of electrolysis to create hydrogen and oxygen gases from water. After extensive technical research and development work, HyPower believes that the H2 Reactor’s electrolysis process is technologically the most efficient hydrogen processor. The H2 Reactor can be used in any manufacturing, business or household application involving heat or combustion. HyPower also hopes to adapt this technology for transportation purposes by enabling vehicles to burn oxyhydrogen produced on-board and on-demand either in a hybrid or a sole source fuel scenario.

About HyPower Fuel Inc.

HyPower Fuel, Inc. is a category leading company in the energy technology sector, focusing on providing innovative alternative energy through hydrogen, biodiesel and biomass production. HyPower has successfully developed alternative fuel technologies that make the most economic sense in today’s economy. For more information please visit:

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Sat. April 13th, 2024

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