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Torvec’s New Green Hybrid Technology

Torvec’s patented IVT gearing allows for design flexibility so that the company can create a Power Split Device (PSD) for Gas Electric Hybrid Technology. Working with NASA on an all electric version of the company’s IVT for the next generation Lunar Rover has lead to this breakthrough configuration for hybrid vehicles.

Recently the U.S. Government has set aside hundreds of millions of dollars for advancements in hybrid technology, through the Department of Energy for which the company believes it would qualify.

The term PSD is essentially a transmission with more then one power source (i.e. gas/diesel engine & electric motor powered by a battery pack). The Toyota(R) Prius(R) is the number one selling hybrid in the world, and it is the standard on which hybrid technology is judged. Since Toyota’s PSD is patented and is the key to their success, other automakers have tried to circumvent Toyota’s technology with limited success. Torvec’s patented PSD has the ability to level the playing field for companies that compete with Toyota and their Prius PSD technology. Torvec’s technology will function similarly to Toyota’s, with the same driver feel and performance and with future investigation might afford several advantages over Toyota’s technology.

This PSD technology is ideal for compact to full sized vehicles, while Torvec’s Hydraulic IVT design will afford larger vehicles greater fuel savings over the stock vehicle.

For more information on Torvec’s technology and efforts in Washington please visit:

Torvec, Inc., based in Rochester, New York, develops advanced automotive technologies that increase transportation safety, mobility, fuel efficiency and reduce soot emissions. Torvec owns the technology for an Infinitely Variable Transmission that increases fuel efficiency at the same time that it reduces soot emissions, a Full Terrain Vehicle (FTV) that can travel over the most inhospitable terrain as well as on the most modern highways, an IsoTorque(R) Differential that increases vehicle handling and enhances highway safety. Torvec’s founders invented the famous Torsen(R) Differential used today in high-performance vehicles and the military version of the Humvee.

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Mon. July 22nd, 2024

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