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Optessa sequencing and scheduling optimization technology has been successfully deployed in their assembly plants by some of the top tier global automotive OEMs, both Japanese and North American. The deployments have enabled significant benefits such as

— Reduction in order to delivery lead time
— Improved material stability
— Reduced costs
— Lean operations
— Improved flexibility

Today’s manufacturing supply chain is a complex network of OEM and supplier plants, often many levels deep. This is especially true of the automotive industry, where the need to synchronize production between OEMs and suppliers while retaining the flexibility to react to changes has made supplier plant scheduling a complex problem. Recognizing this need, Optessa plans to integrate its intelligent and optimal scheduling technology within the IT infrastructure of suppliers at all tiers of the automotive manufacturing supply chain.

The product suite that Optessa brings to the auto suppliers vertical

1. Optessa ODX
— Receive EDI broadcast signals from the OEM plant
2. Optessa MLS
— Structured shipment delivery: optimized demand assignment to
containers or trailers
— Schedule optimization: on-demand scheduling of the lines and areas
in a supplier plant
3. Optessa MLS-RTS
— Optimized routing into and sequencing out of buffers such as ASRS
systems or lane banks for finished products and WIP

Magna Seating, a wholly owned subsidiary of Magna International, has recently elected to deploy the Optessa suite for scheduling.

“This is an affirmation of the Optessa scheduling technology since Magna International is a premier global automotive supplier,” said Vasu Netrakanti, Chief Executive Officer of Optessa.

Optessa Inc. is the leader in optimal scheduling software for high volume manufacturers. Optessa offers the only software solution that can effectively optimize assembly planning, sequencing and scheduling across all of a manufacturer’s product lines and constraints. It solves these complex problems through a unique combination of modern optimization techniques based on patent pending algorithms and extensive domain knowledge. Optessa’s customers include some of the largest, global brand manufacturing companies, and its platform is designed to solve the needs of companies in automotive and other discrete or batch based manufacturing environments. To learn more about Optessa, please visit

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Tue. July 16th, 2024

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