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The Wall Street Transcript Interviews STWA, Inc.

KEYT Television Interview With Senator Tony Strickland and CEO Cecil Kyte Available on Company's Website

STWA, Inc. innovative pioneer in the clean technology industry focused on energy efficiency and air quality issues, was the subject of a recent interview conducted by The Wall Street Transcript (TWST). The interview was part of the Alternative Energy Report – Roundtable Forum. The interview, which is available within the report, can be accessed at:

The Company has also posted a video interview conducted by Santa Barbara’s KEYT, Channel 3, the local ABC affiliate station. The interview can be viewed at:

Excerpts from the TWST interview include:

TWST: Which of your products do you consider to have the most potential to combat climate change?

Mr. Kyte: That’s a complex question, because you can also look at it in terms of how many more units could you sell, which by the mere fact of quantity in the field would have an impact. Is it quality or quantity. On a qualitative basis, we believe our ELEKTRA(TM) technology for diesel engines, what we call Big Rigs, 18 Wheelers, Class A Trucks, Tractor-Trailers; those are four names that represent the same vehicle, this Technology can really make an impact. This is a large market, and until recently has been largely unregulated in comparison to the gas engine market, which is really the lion’s share of the emissions control market. We are really in a good position in our opinion. We actively are tracking legislation on the State and National level, and we maintain close contact with our local representatives. We believe our technology offers a solution to meet the mandates being proposed by the State and Federally. In fact we are about to get a State Senate Resolution that basically acknowledges our past and present accomplishments in our industry.

TWST: What are Save the World Air’s priorities for the next four to eight quarters?

Mr. Kyte: Next year to two. Well, in the next year, we want to become profitable. We are transitioning out of R&D and into sales.

TWST: How big is your sales staff at the moment?

Mr. Kyte: We have a unique model. About half a dozen consultants or consulting organizations would comprise our sales staff. This would encompass people and organizations who have existing relationships with fleet managers, the people for example who handle the transportation for McDonald’s, Atlas Van lines, FedEx, UPS, Wal-Mart, etc., fleets that are comprised of hundreds and thousands of trucks.
We have approached and developed relationships with consultants who can get these peoples ear. So, our sales force isn’t what we call normal or traditional. We’re more focused on working with organizations and people who have existing relationships — 20, 30-year relationships — with transportation managers in the industry.

Save The World Air, Inc. develops and licenses patented and patent pending flux field pollution control and performance improvement technologies, including the ELEKTRA, ZEFS and MKIV, which have been scientifically tested and proven to significantly reduce harmful exhaust emissions, improve performance and enhance fuel economy. The products have been engineered to serve as either stand alone pollution control systems or can be used (in conjunction with catalytic converters) to create a more effective total pollution control system that not only reduces harmful emissions, but also decreases greenhouse gases, improves fuel efficiency and boosts performance.

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Fri. July 12th, 2024

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