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TrueCar Announces Distribution to Five Top Auto Websites

Innovative Pricing Tool to Allow Each Website's Visitors to Learn What Others Really Paid

TrueCar (, the new car pricing site that is bringing transparency to automotive retail, announced today that five additional automotive websites have integrated the TrueCar pricing tools and reports on their site.,,,, and Dedicated Media’s will embed the TrueCar Price Reports on their site to give consumers the ability to search for any car and see a full distribution of prices paid by other people for the exact same vehicle in their specific geographical area. Users can also use TrueCar to calculate the actual dealer cost structure of a particular vehicle, empowering car buyers to shop with confidence.
TrueCar is distributed using HTML widgets and a basic API; partnering websites can also choose to leverage a free built-in vehicle configurator.

“Information is power and for decades dealers have had the upper hand,” said Scott Painter, TrueCar CEO. “We plan to level the playing field by making our data ubiquitous to consumers. Since almost everyone begins their search for a new car online at any number of useful sites, we want to make our data readily available to them, wherever they choose to start their search.”

“Car pricing is an important part of the puzzle, of course, and we want to provide the most accurate and transparent data available,” said Nick Gidwani, CEO of “TrueCar is clearly the leading source. Our visitors generally rely on us for advice on the right car for them — now we can augment our recommendations by incorporating transaction-based pricing information.”

For the first time, consumers in the market for a car can gain peace of mind by knowing what others actually paid, and go out armed with that information to get a great price. Lyle Romer, Vice-President Carbuyingtips said: “Our goal is to help car buyers in the purchasing process and save them money. By revealing what others really paid, TrueCar translates our advice into practice and empowers the consumer more than ever before.”

“We continuously look for tools to help our end-user buying a car,” said Dr. Michael Samet, CEO of “Once we have helped buyers obtain dealer quotes through the site, we serve a complete TrueCar Price Report so they can print and take it to the dealership to ensure a fair price and easy buying experience.”

Today, TrueCar boasts data on more than 30% of all new vehicles sold, including Good and Great Prices, as well as historical prices. Scott Yamano at CarDevotion says, “When it comes to new cars, price is really the only thing that matters. We partnered with TrueCar not only because they offered the best pricing data in the market, but also very flexible tools to integrate on our site.”

About TrueCar

TrueCar ( is the new car pricing site that is bringing transparency to automotive retail. It aggregates multiple data sources on more than 30% of all vehicles sold to show car buyers and dealers how much people actually paid for a particular car in their geographic area. It is offered online, free of charge — so anyone can know at any time what is considered a good or great price. Consumers no longer walk into the dealership only partially informed and fully suspicious: they walk in knowing exactly the price of a fair deal. Dealers gain real-time, unbiased information about marketplace pricing, helping them know how to price their cars to sell more and gain market share from other dealers. Led by a highly experienced team from the automotive and technology industries, TrueCar is based in Santa Monica, California.

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Sat. February 24th, 2024

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